So, I went to a party at a friends house and came home with a raging case of house envy. Awesome.

Hi. Do I look cramped in here to you?










We just discussed refinancing our house for a 15 year mortgage….

The housing market sucks. (If you’re selling)

The housing market is kinda awesome if you’re buying.


I need bigger rooms.

I need a Knock-your-socks-off-and-Slap-your-Mama view.

I want more kitchen.

I already have a comfortable mortgage payment, why screw that up?

Having everything I need on one level would be nice.

Bigger closets.

I already have a really great Master Bathroom.

I’m staring 50 right in the eye, I should be down-sizing not up-sizing.


I want.

Sometimes moving is easier than renovating right??? Right???

Our friends did both. Bought it, renovated then moved in. I want to skip the renovating part…

I don’t want much do I??

My house only feels too small when I cram too many people in it.

Lessons to be learned here: Be a hermit. Stop leaving the house, and stop inviting people in it…..

Problem solved.



6 thoughts on “So, I went to a party at a friends house and came home with a raging case of house envy. Awesome.

  1. I feel ya there Grammy! We moved three floors of “stuff” from the farm into a mobile home roughly the size of one floor of the old place. And a shed. Can’t forget the all important shed which is stuffed to the gills.

    On the positive side, everything is now on one level – YAY! I’ve managed to toss a bunch of crapola I’ve been trying for years to get rid of and hopefully more will go soon!

    Not such a great view or master bathroom though. And the kitchen is teeny. Sigh.

  2. Grammy, we’re in the same house we bought 23 years ago, that we were only supposed to be in for 5 years. We out grew it at least a half dozen times.

    We looked to move into other houses; we looked to build new; I gagged and choked at the mortgage payments and had more panic attacks than I already have…so we stayed because I did NOT want to ever have to have a house where we needed two incomes to maintain it.

    Good thing I thought ahead, because I ended up losing my big time job.

    So, here we are in our little house, but I’m happy as a hermit, or is that a clam?

    Yes, BIG houses are great but cleaning them is a real bummer. So is cleaning little ones (I hated giving up my cleaning lady).

    Enjoy your little house with your manageable mortgage.

    Why upsize now?

    That’s just my 2 cents or was that more like a dollar’s worth?

  3. When I get to dreaming of a bigger house I just have to take one look at all the toys my kids have. I realize I’ll only end up with more floor space for me to keep tidy. My grandmother raised 13 kids in a two bedroom cottage, and I’m not happy with four bedrooms and a basement. I think you should just stay put, Grammy. One day you will be so glad you didn’t take on any extra debt.

  4. I get house envy all the time. But I don’t want to OWN a house. I moved almost a year ago from a three bedroom two bath home into a two bedroom apartment, and I LOVE it. I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff, and now it suits me perfectly. Maybe you need to get rid of stuff?

    Nah. New house always looks good, doesn’t it? Until you visualize all the money it costs, that is.

    I suppose *sigh* this means my room-mate status with Avery is on hold. But my fuzzy socks do NOT take up that much space. *I* do, but they don’t.

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