Oh just gimme a cupcake….

Something weird is up in the universe….

As I’ve laid here all effin’ week on ice packs I’ve had lots of time to catch up on all the Blogs I follow and have discovered a recurring theme….we got nuthin’…

It’s like writers block on a national level. I have a theory on it…..

It’s the frikkin Zombies. I’m convinced of it. The apocalypse is nigh and they’ve started poisoning our water supplies with Idontgiveafuckaboutnothin juice. To take the fight out of us, thereby enabling them to round us up and eat our faces off with a minimal of effort on their part.

To which I say, Drink wine….those of us who are mean drunks will be that much more effective at kicking some serious Zombie ass.


2011 wore us out, leaving us tired and lackluster. A mere shell of our formerly vibrant selves.

To which I say, gimme a cupcake. Cupcakes make everything better. Back a frikkin cupcake truck up to my front door and unload about 7000 lbs of cupcakes. If there’s any extra tubs of buttercream left over from icing those 7000 pounds of cupcakes, leave those too….

Yesterday I watched an episode of Cupcake Wars and somebody made a cupcake with a Merlot filling and mascarpone frosting. Wine and cupcakes.,, Perfect.Β 

Cupcake Vineyard wine. To go with the cupcakes. Pure Genius...

I think I could be happy in a drunken sugar induced coma…




5 thoughts on “Oh just gimme a cupcake….

  1. Oh Grammy, you said the magic word…CUPCAKE.

    I’m not much of a “sweet” eater, but when it comes to cupcakes…I OVER-indulge and now that YOU wrote about CUPCAKES…I totally WANT a dozen or more for MYSELF.

    So, I’m going to make some.

    Maybe I’ll even get all inspired and write a bazillion posts.

    That’ll teach you.


  2. WANT.

    Oh, crap. never mind. Can’t have.

    Shit. (Sshhh….don’t tell Avery I said that)

    Stoopit zombies. Now I really, really wanna hurt zom zombies….wait. SOME. Or ALL. Whatevs.

    How’s your back? You okay? Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

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