Some days you just need a wubby…

Like Linus with his blanket….

Avery has her passy….

Chef Vivi had her Billy-Bear….

There should be some similar token of comfort and security for adults, don’t you think? I could drag my PillowPet around with me  (Yes, I have one. Yes, it’s my friend. Wha??) but let’s face it, people would poke fun at me and then I’d have to retaliate by poking them back, with my pencil. In a stabbity manner. No good can come from that. 

I definitely have days when I would gladly spend it curled up in a ball with a security blanket if I could. You know the ones….

You know it’s a wubby day when:

1. You get to work and discover everyone is in a pissy mood. You’re going to need your wubby. Or a club…

2. You decide to treat yourself to carry-out for dinner, only to find out after you get home that half of what you ordered never made it into the bag. A wubby to hold onto would be nice. Or a gun….

3. You decide to finally try that homemade pretzel recipe you’ve been promising your Hubs, you follow all the steps to the frikkin letter, they come out of the oven all beautifully golden brown and perfect. Then you bite into one and discover that they taste like baking soda because the recipe is flawed and told you to use 3 times the baking soda in the water bath than you’re supposed to. Definitely need a wubby. To strangle the recipe author with….

4. Dispite how carefully you try to protect it, a family heirloom gets broken and you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know that’s a piece of history that can never be replaced. A wubby is most certainly needed. And tissues….

5. You realize that it’s going to be a shit sandwich of a day through no fault of your own and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it. Grab your wubby, and a bottle of wine…


Chin up, this guys day is probably worse….unless he always dreamed of singing falsetto…


6 thoughts on “Some days you just need a wubby…

  1. Yowww!! That’s gonna leave a mark! No. 4 definitely. Two summers ago I was cleaning cupboards and I broke one of Hubs’ etched family crest wine glasses – over 100 years old thank you very much! I was hysterical for some time and I didn’t even have a wubby 😦

  2. I’ll be your wubby. Then all bloodshed and mayhem will be one step removed from you, and I’ll claim insanity. (I’ll practice my ‘crazy eyes’)

    Hope your day today is MUCH better!

  3. I have an old pillow (it’s stuffing is all crumbled on the inside) that I hug, maybe it’s a pubby?

    But there are days when I actually “day dream” that I did pack my gun in my purse or a rope and even though I carry a VERY big purse, a club just won’t fit so I never even thought of that one! I like it though! Maybe a club that is hinged so I can fold and unfold it! Yes, I feel the stress melting away…


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