I’m officially old….

Chef Vivi turns 28 today! 28!!!

Where has the time gone??? 

Happy Birthday BabyGirl!

You make a Momma so proud!


11 thoughts on “I’m officially old….

  1. OH Grammy! Happy Birthday to your daughter! She’s beautiful.

    28! It goes so fast, doesn’t it?

    My oldest is 19…but it won’t be long before I’m celebrating 28!

    I digress.

    I LOVE those baby-little lady pictures.

    Aren’t photos the bomb! We can capture moments in time! And go back and relive them! It’s so wonderful.

    Enjoy the day reliving special memories of your precious daughter!

  2. Happy Birthday, Vivi!

    Grammy, having had her when you were a mere 12…did it hurt? I’m teasing, honey, you don’t look old enough to have a 28 year old.

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