TMI, how much is too much??

How much personal detail about your life do you post on Facebook?

Listening to the radio on my way into work this morning the DJ’s were talking about this article suggesting that FB users believe their FB friends have happier, more interesting lives than they do.

Oh geesh….Really??? Cuz those happy smiling vacation or party pics that your friends post are indicative of how their day-to-day lives go….Sometimes people are so dumb.

But it made me wonder, how many people post the good, the bad and the ugly truth? I have a lot of friends that do, and I do too to some extent. But I also have friends that only post the pretty parts. So which side of the fence do you fall on? And if you’re sharing everything, how much is too much info?? Do you filter at all??

The study also said that FB users, who’ve had an account 2.5 years or longer average about 4.8 hours PER WEEK on FB…..I am clearly above average then, cuz I spend way more than that! Is that bad??

One of the DJ’s cited as an example of TMI her friend, who within moments of the tragedy, posted a FB status announcing the death of her son who died just a few moments after his birth. I don’t hold back much but I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t be thinking about FB at that moment….but that’s just me…Avery’s Mom and I both posted the news of Avery’s birth pretty quickly. Is there a difference just because our news was joyful as opposed to tragic?

I vent alot on FB. When something or someone pisses me off, I immediately grab my phone to post a scathing status update lamenting whatever has been done that offends me. I try to fool myself into thinking I’m being pretty incognito about the person in question but the truth of it is that their identity is probably blatantly obvious to those who know me….and I will readily admit I have flown off the handle, effectively eviscerating someone verbally only to find out later I was spouting off about the wrong person. At which point I promptly deleted my rant but who knows how many people read it before I realized my mistake. I don’t do that anymore unless I know I have the facts….Classic case of too much spouting with too little information.

Do we pad the truth ever so slightly so make our lives appear more interesting? Have we become too dependant on FaceBook as a way to communicate with others or are we just lazy? I’ll be the first to admit, posting a status update letting everyone know what’s going on with me is way easier than making 57 phone calls.


Weigh in, share your thoughts on what constitutes TMI!



12 thoughts on “TMI, how much is too much??

  1. Deep post today Grammy; excellent food for thought. My own perspective is somewhat skewed by my lack of presence on FB. Oh I’m signed up and I sometimes even log on. But I’m way under the average 4.8 hours per week. In fact I may not even spend 4.8 hours there per month! I often go there after a family event to grab photos I know someone snapped and posted. I probably comment on or “like” other posts more than I post myself and when I do post, I’m ultra careful not to post things that might hurt my family.

    One of the reasons I blog anonymously is so I can post stuff that I can’t share on FB. I love my family dearly and wouldn’t purposely hurt them for the world. But sometimes there are things I just can’t say to them but which I NEED to say. FB isn’t the best option for that.

    • Yeahhhhh….I post my blog posts on FB so anonymity is right out the window!!! But, I make no secret that EVERYTHING is fodder for the blog and you’d be suprised at what a great deterent that can be for people’s behavior….The people who matter to me know that my blog is also my therapy so I say what I need to and if you have sensitive little feelers maybe you should find something else to read! If you ever want to “friend” me on FB, there’s a link on here.

  2. So I had a good comment to you on this and some how its gone:-(

    I post things when I am upset and I dont really care to let people know when I am happy.
    I have nicknames for people who always piss me off and there are only a few people who know who the names belong too.
    I am on facebook all the time since I have a desk job and stalking people is fun. ha ha ha But I dont have many people on my facebook I say if I have not talked to you on the phone, emailed, texted or IM then we are not that close as friends and I am done with you. I am not like those other people who have 900+ people on their facebook.

  3. Grammy, I’m on Facebook but no way near 4.8 hours per day. Probably 4.8 minutes. lol.

    Like Bubbe, my family knows I have a blog and I try to be as honest as I can without intentionally hurting anyone.

    I do most of my venting in real life (to myself) so I can leave my Facebook and Blog vent-free, unless I put a humor-slant to it. I do this because once it’s posted on the internet, it’s out there forever, whereas in real life, I can vent and it stays within the confines of my house, or my car, unless I’m at the doctor’s office and I get testy with the receptionist 😉

    I do think there can be too much information given whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Blogs. I think there’s a fine line between informing and information overkill. The latter in many cases are people trying to fill a void, i.e. drama queens/kings.

    One thing I don’t like are drama queens/kings who post how their neighbor looked at them crossed-eyed because they parked their car crooked and now their neighbor might not like them and what in gawd’s name are they gonna do when the neighborhood block party comes around eight months from now!

    Sheesh, get a LIFE!

    That’s what they SHOULD do.

    And maybe a freaken therapist.

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