Not feeling the love….or my fingers.

My Bloggy friend Dani says it best “Because sometimes a facebook status isn’t enough” …

If you don’t want to read my whining, go find another blog.

As I handle all of the shipping and receiving, I work mostly in the warehouse at my company. The warehouse is a big concrete block and cement structure. The heating unit has been broken for about a month now. Wasn’t a huge deal until this cold snap hit the Black Hills this week. Spending hours a day in a concrete room with no heat and outside temps in the single digits and wind chills of below zero is not my idea of a good time. The replacement heater has been  sitting in the warehouse for a couple of weeks now, waiting to be installed. And waiting. And waiting….

I’ve been really patient about this situation. I haven’t complained, much. But earlier this week I spent quite a bit of time on my knees on the cold ass concrete recording serial numbers off of a shipment of laptops and it was brutal. Brutally cold. My fingers went numb as I later stood at the computer entering all those numbers into the system, it’s really hard to type with gloves on…

Yesterday I asked the Powers That Be if we could please set some time aside for our handyman to install the new heater. The reply was “We have paying customers that come first. Sorry.” Spoken like someone who can spend their work day in a nice warm office. Of course it came from the same person who, when I started feeling really crappy one day last year and asked if I could go home early (but after all the freight was received so as not to inconvenience anyone) told me “NO”. I was running a temp of 102 by the time I got home…

Look, I’m not asking the company to forego business just for me. I’m just asking if maybe it would be possible to push back an appointment for a client with a non-critical work order for a day. Just one day, maybe even only a half day. It would be nice to feel important enough to deserve a comfortable work environment, plus avoiding frostbite while indoors would be outstanding.

I dont’ know if any of my bosses read my blog, or any co-workers who would love to show this post to them do. If so, I have no doubt I’ll be fired for it. So be it. (I’ve certainly made no secret of the fact that I write a blog.) Shame on them for not realizing that sometimes the bottom line isn’t (or shouldn’t be) everything. Sometimes you just need to do the right thing for the people who help you earn that friggin’ bottom line.

Maybe I should offer to pay for the installation. Or, maybe they can use the money they save from my salary when they fire me to make the work environment better for the person they hire to replace me. (that’s actually pretty doubtful as I’ve never EVER heard of a boss saying, “oops lets be more considerate to the next dumbass we hire” before they fire someone)…


Grammy, aka “Frozen-like-a-Friggin-Popsicle-in-Rapid City”



4 thoughts on “Not feeling the love….or my fingers.

  1. Grammy, I was in Upper Management for over 20 years and what you are going through is WRONG. Yes, clients are important because they pay the bills, however, without employees there is NO business to offer the clients. And sick employees, which you’ll get if you don’t have proper heat, means loss of work time, hence unhappy clients because you are short-handed. It’s common sense and just plain common decency to human beings.

    I never heard of anyone having to “ask permission” to leave if they are sick. My employees would let me know that they were leaving, but they didn’t have to ask! My goodness. That’s not right in my opinion, either.

    I’m also confused as to why your company won’t have the unit installed by the “handyman”. How does the “handyman” take care of the paying customers?

    • Pam, our “handyman” is also one of our techs/dept managers….he does the repair stuff that they’re not willing to hire a professional to do. And thanks for the support, I’m just chugging along, still employed…:)

  2. I’m comin’ up there to kick their asses. Have gloves ready. I don’t wanna hurt my hands with cold punching.

    Employees have a right to a work place that at least enables them to do their job without physical discomfort. You have that right. Those buttheads. Who can I report them to? (After I kick their asses)

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