My name is Grammy, and I’m a Pinterest addict….

Are there 12 steps for that?? I might need 13….

I had ambitious plans for the weekend:

Plan #1:  Avery is outgrowing her bassinet so I intended to pack up my craft room, and turn it into her bedroom so we can set up her crib. I had all kinds of ideas in my brain  for decorating and making it all cute….

Plan #2: I recently bought fabric to make new throw pillows for the living room, along with nice squishy pillow forms so I planned to make those…

Plan #3: I was tired of my wall decor on the main wall in the living room so I was going to hang the cool new replacement decor that Chef Vivi and I found….

Plan #4: Brush the dogs.

Plan #5: Put on actual clothes, ie;  get out of my PJ’s.

Plan #6: Laundry.

Want to know how much I got done before I fell into the black hole known as PINTEREST?? I got the stuff hung on the living room wall. OK, Hubs hung stuff on the living room wall and I supervised. From the couch. So I basically accomplished Nada. Zip. Zilch….Not. A. Friggin’. Thing. I shamelessly squandered an entire weekend picking out fabulous new recipes and DIY decorating projects that I will never get around to cooking and/or crafting because it’s hard to be crafty when your eyeballs are bloodshot from staring unblinkingly at the computer screen, and your fingers are permanently curved and disfigured from excitedly clutching the sides of your laptop whilst shouting out with exuberant glee “Oooooh look at that, I want that, gimme that, I can make that! *saved to favorites*  *repin*” for 16 straight hours.

Here’s a few of the awesome things I found on Pinterest during the 2 friggin days I spent fully immersed in it’s glorious brilliance:

Pineapple lemonade Sangria Blanca. I actually could have this while perusing Pinterest....

Pinned Image

If I make enough Pineapple Sangria I wlll have enough corks to make this....


Avery's first Birthday, all planned out....


How cute would this be on a headband for Peanut. It'll never happen. Why? Because Pinterest has ruined my life and I'll never get anything done again. EVER.

More stuff I'll never actually make because who can crochet while holding a laptop? Not me.

Crockpot Rocky Road Cake. This might actually happen. I could throw it in the crockpot BEFORE I sit down to check out Pinterest and then maybe talk Hubs into bringing me a plateful when it's done....If he's still speaking to me....

Lanterns. Made out of spaghetti sauce jars. Reckon now I'll have to stop making homemade spaghetti sauce so I'll have jars to save. Except I'll never make it to the store to buy the premade sauce....You know why....


Made from shipping pallets. I get a lot of these at work. I could get them for free, if I ever go back to work again. I'm contemplating quitting so I can stay home and look at Pinterest ALL EFFIN' DAY LONG.

  There’s a distinct possibility I need professional help here…..

P.S….if you’d like an “invite” to pinterest (which speeds up the process of being able to repin) leave a comment and I’ll totally enable your future addiction!



8 thoughts on “My name is Grammy, and I’m a Pinterest addict….

  1. Grammy, I used to like you. Now I want to slap you silly. I have tried Pinterest and I managed to stay unaddicted…now with YOUR visual aids I not only want to go on but I want to go on for 16 freaken hours to see what the heck I can find!

    I JUST LOVE those jars!

    Why did you do this to me? It’s bad enough I have a puppy who won’t let me read blogs, or post or sleep…now Pinterest…

    P.S. At my house, I supervise when my husband and I do house stuff too. I’ll say “We have to hang pictures” and he says “What’s this we crap. Do you have a mouse in your pocket?” Good thing he loves me and good thing he’s or cook or we’d all starve to death.

  2. I love PINTEREST!!!! I dont do a damn thing when I am at work since I am always looking and new things to try and make. I also love the pallet stuff and I am going to steal all the ones here at my work and take them home:-)

  3. Hi my name is Vivi and I too am a Pinterest addict. @ snow days in a row I have spent repinning crafty projects I will NEVER get around too and recipes I will never get around to cooking…..because I’m glued to my computer pinning stuff!!!! It’s a vicious cycle….

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