Have a little faith…

You have three options:

1.  Ignore him. 2.  Get on board. 3.  Shut the hell up. That’s it, pick one….

We are Bronco’s fans. DIE.HARD.BRONCO.FANS…but that’s not my point here. Being Bronco fans we are, by default, Tim Tebow fans. We weren’t initially. We felt there was too much hype surrounding him and honestly didn’t know that much about him except for the hype that surrounded him as a college player. But we support all things Bronco, so we kept an open mind and waited for him to prove himself, or not.

Tebow’s football skills are also not my point, (yes, I’m getting to it already), my point is he has faith. Deep Faith. And in Who his faith is based on isn’t my point either. It’s that he has some. He believes in a power higher and greater than himself and in my eyes, that makes him a great human, football aside.

I read a TON of comments on Facebook spurred by the Bronco’s win this weekend. Not surprisingly a large amount of them negative. Not because fans of other teams didn’t like that we won, but rather nasty comments aimed directly at Tebow. He was called a bitch, because he’s emotional among other things. These comments really made me wonder what, exactly, these naysayers were being so vocal about. The way he played? Or the fact that he is always cheerful, and unflappably humble and they just don’t understand why?

What I really think the thing people are so monotonously negative to point of ad nauseum about is the hype. Which is solely the fault of the media, not Tebow himself. I’m certain he’s not writing all the articles about himself just to piss people off. Oh and there’s his signature end zone move of kneeling and bowing his head that folks hate. It’s an end zone dance people, no more dumb than any other players end zone dance. It’s just gotten more press and people are copying it more. Also not Tebow’s fault. Hate the press, not the player.

Maybe they’d be less nasty and negative if they just had a little more faith.

The Fam


I’m not a religious person, I swear too much, I harbor resentments, I can be petty and forgiveness is not my strong suit. I do, however still believe in a higher power. Tebow’s faith seems to bring him much joy and comfort, and I’ll be honest here, I envy that. I admire his defiance of what is deemed “cool” by giving thanks to his God openly and proudly, and in complete disregard of the MASSES that ridicule him for it. That’s the part I really admire, his ability to maintain his faith when the mocking of it is so loudly offered up by those who just don’t understand it. It’s refreshing from a person his age.

Just for the record, I would feel this way about Tebow and his faith regardless of who he played for.

We could all use a little more faith. I know I certainly could. I have no desire to attend an organized church, I was force fed that enough as a kid. But the comfort, strength and happiness that having that kind of faith seems to bring, yeah, gimme some. Definitely.

Kids worship professional athletes. I’m helping to raise my Granddaughter, and I certainly would prefer she have someone like Tebow as a role model she looks up to as opposed to the more widely accepted athletes, oh say… Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress, Ben Roethlesberger, Ray Lewis, Ndamukong Suh or God forbid that stupid Ocho Cinco. Are these guys good athletes? Yes. Good people? Debatable. Highly debatable…Let her admire a decent player who has a soul rather than a one who has great talent on the football field but is devoid of honor, integrity or respect for others.



7 thoughts on “Have a little faith…

  1. Grammy, I live near Pittsburgh but don’t watch the Steelers… NEVER have. I don’t watch sports—I’d rather poke my eyes out with a dull pencil than watch a sports game that doesn’t have my kids in it.

    Okay, now that we’ve established that I basically hate sports…

    I’m an Atheist (no, I’m not a heathen) I just don’t believe in a Higher Power and I’m secure in my “non” belief. I have no problem with anyone who does believe in God, or whatever they choose to call their Higher Power.

    Tim Tebow is an American who believes in God and is unabashedly proud of his faith. I think that is admirable. I have no problem with anyone who wants to say a prayer, anywhere, even a football field.

    The people who are attacking Tim Tebow, in my opinion, are insecure. They feel threatened in some way. Why else would they care if he says a silent prayer? Who is he hurting? He’s not forcing HIS beliefs on anyone. He’s not asking anyone to follow along. He’s exercising his freedom and those who attack him need to exercise some basic human decency, called respect.

    You are also 100% spot on that Tim Tebow is a better role model than Roethlesberger, Michael Vick or that Burress dude. I’d much rather my kids look up to someone who has good character and says a prayer after a touchdown than someone who was accused of rape, tortured dogs or shot himself in his own damn leg! Good grief, where are people’s heads?

    • Miss Pam, I knew there was a reason I liked you! I actually read some comments made by people spouting “I’m sick of the Broncos using God as a mascot!” Wha??? Because one player bows his head and prays after a touchdown THE ENTIRE TEAM has made his God their mascot? Sometimes I just wish the stupid people would hold their breath til they pass out before they open their pie holes!

      Thanks for sharing your positions on football and higher powers, Viva la Freedom to choose!

  2. Amen! Or something affirmative like that. So well said Grammy, and you too Pam!

    Years ago “church” was my bastion of safety in a deteriorating marriage. My best friends were the pastor and his wife and the choir director. I taught Sunday school and helped lead the youth group. When that specific church disbanded I tried to find another church home for my girls and me. Not so easy to follow that cozy little nest of a church. My point is it was the PEOPLE in that church who provided me with a much-needed support system I wasn’t getting anywhere else. Those people had faith, much like Tebow and they lived it every single day. It was something I needed then and I still appreciate it!

  3. I do not know why people make a big deal about him praying. My boyfriend and I are HUGE 49er fans and we go to all the home games. When we get to our seats before the game you can see alot of guys out on the field saying a prayer and you dont hear the media saying anything about that. Who cares what he does but i guess thats all they can talk about since he is not in the media for other reasons like being a punk.
    Good luck with your game this weekend and I am already a huge stress ball about our game on Saturday.

  4. Option #4 (when you don’t follow football and have no clue who that guy you’re talking about is) Admire the pictures of Avery because she is ADORABLE.

    PLUS, she’s gonna be my bunkmate. How can anyone not ADORE that?!?

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