#1 reason you should use your inside voice at work….

Because the incessant flow of screeching babble coming out of your face at deafening decibels makes me feel all stabbity.

Somebody buy me this shirt. So people have fair warning.

 Plus I’m pretty sure you’re making my ears bleed.

Don’t they teach that in kindergarten? The difference between inside and outside voices?? Clearly you were absent that day. Either that or you screeched so loudly for so long that the teacher huddled in the fetal position in the corner where she could eat her crayons in peace and she said “screw it” to that particular lesson plan.

Soundproof cubicles should be mandatory in all offices. It just makes good business sense as it’s bound to be cheaper than bail money, emergency room bills and psychiatric services.

Another thing that would improve the work environment for everyone? A mute button… Staples has an easy button for crying out loud, a mute button can’t be all that hard….

Either that or implement a work from home option….for the loud one. Take a vote amongst office staff, ten bucks says it passes unanimously. I will gladly drive into work everyday knowing my ear drums and sanity will remain intact.

In lieu of the above suggestions, then provide a muzzle for this yappity little mutt that likes to run to the end of the chain and bark….

 For the love of God….



9 thoughts on “#1 reason you should use your inside voice at work….

  1. Sorry you’re having to deal with loud douchebags at work … that just seems so unfair. I mean, you HAVE to be there, right? Why shouldn’t it be comfortable for you to be there? It’s the least the Powers That Be can do! Luckily my nearest work neighbors mostly share my attitudes and sense of humor. We’ve all engaged in various rants but usually those only last a short while and we do make an effort to keep it to a dull roar.

  2. Grammy, you are WAY too kind. You only have ONE reason why people should be quiet at work. I have a bazillion. Plus, I have reasons why people should be quiet IN GENERAL. Plus not own dogs, have cell phones, or just breathe.

    I’m such a witch.

    But I will gladly help you out with that mute button or the noisy mutant at work.

    I think I can take him/her.

    Or my dog can. She’s HATES when people talk LOUD around me…thinks they are YELLING AT ME AND WANTS TO BITE THEM!

  3. Can this rule also be implemented at my school for people who are……well……morons for lack of a better term. Swear to God I had a girl ask me if brisket was a dry or moist cooking method, because she thought brisket was a way you cook something…..oy vey. Then I asked the same girl to bring me some cloves and she brought me garlic…..feeling stabbity at cooking school is bad for everyone, there are knives EVERYWHERE!

    • Oh Lord! You actually COULD be stabbity, as opposed to me who is only stabbity in my head….yes, a mute button is definitly needed but in your situation I think a “grow a brain” button would also be appropriate….

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