Crap I do not want to repeat in 2012…

2011 has had it’s ups and downs for everyone I’m sure. For me, it’s been a pretty even split…

There are a few choice things I absolfrigginlutely do not want a do-over on. No way, no how….

Stuff I never want to do again. Not in 2012, 2013, 2025, 2115. NOT. EVER.

1. Face plant myself on the sidewalk and break my hand. There was zero fun in that for me…

2. Have a screaming, bawling, hysterical fit at a one of the dudes I work with. Ugh. Not a bright shining moment for either one of us…plus my face looks all puffy and icky when I cry so that should be avoided at all costs. This goes hand in hand with #3…

3. Let a co-worker drive me so completely insane that I contemplate leaving my job over it….Must learn to ignore more efficiently.

4. Use all my vacation time without actually taking a vacation. I’m pooped. I’m taking 54 vacations in 2012 if it kills someone…

5. Watch while one of my children’s life falls completely and totally apart. I’m not a fan…

6. Help anyone move. Especially out of a 3rd floor apartment. I will bring lunch to the movers but I ain’t lifting a box or a piece of furniture.

7. Help plan a wedding.  I’m retiring from the wedding planning business. When Avery gets married, I’ll hire a pro….

8. Drive by a junk store with a Giant Metal Chicken displayed amongst the junk outside and not stop to inquire about purchasing said Giant Metal Chicken. I’ve been regretting that for months.

9. Try to bake cupcakes in waffle bowls. Epic fail….

10. Take a single piece of clothing to French Cleaners in Rapid City. Jackasses ruined my dress I wore to Vivi’s wedding and now won’t return my phone call. It was a great dress too…..

Things I hope to someday repeat.

1. See the look of sheer joy and contentment on the face of a Daughter at her Wedding.

2. Hold a brand new Grandbaby for the first time.

3. Fulfill a lifetime need for a creative outlet.

4. Reunite with long lost loved ones.

5. Spend whole weekends in my jammies watching movies with my Hubs while unabashedly and guiltlessly ignorning chores…

6. Find peace by learning to tune out stuff that makes me feel icky inside.

7. Make up a new recipe that becomes an oft requested family favorite.

8. Discover that I can, indeed do it if I set my mind to it.

9. Learn a new workout routine that I will actually miss if forced to skip it for a day.

10. Enjoy little moments of hilarity, silliness and joy with a friend.

Lets all have one, OK?



6 thoughts on “Crap I do not want to repeat in 2012…

  1. Oh #1, my neighbor did that too! She broke her arm! She lives alone, so we help her and check in on her. She’s doing fine now. And boy does she bake! Yum. Love Aunt Marge! NO more falling for YOU or Aunt Marge!

    I would not want #5 either. Please, NEVER let THAT happen to me. I worry enough about my kids and it just kills me when they are hurting.

    I don’t physically help anyone move (#6). I will come and talk to you, bring food, anything but help move crap. I won’t even do it when it’s time for ME to move. HIRE a company! 😉

    I like you happy list, a lot. Although 1 & 2 need to wait a little (lot) because my boys are 19 & 14!

    I hope you get all 10 and then some, Grammy!

    • I was walking with my daughter while shopping, minding my own business and WHAM! Tripped over thin air and fell flat….So far 2012 is off to a good start! Hope yours is too Pamela!

  2. Love this idea! I may have to steal this and do my own lists! I will send positive vibes your way that you get to do what you want to in 2012, avoid what you don’t and maybe find some new stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to do! And definitely go get that chicken! The Bloggess would be proud!

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