Am I versatile? Cuz I got this award thing…

I’ve done won me an award…sorta….

It was bestowed upon me by Lori at Blather by Bubbe. Cuz she thinks I’m awesome…And who am I to argue???

It’s kinda like a chain letter award, in that winning it comes with a bit of work to be done. It works something like this: Someone says “Congrats, you won!” and then you have to:

1) Nominate 15 other bloggers (I don’t know 15 other bloggers who aren’t already recipients of this prestigious award, so I’m gonna nominate like 5. Cuz I’m a rebel)

2) Inform them of the nomination (Cuz duh, how the hell else will they know they’ve won??? Ryan Seacrest isn’t gonna deliver the good news…)

3)  Share 7 random things about yourself (Maybe, or maybe I’ll just share 6 random things. Or 11…I really hate being pigeon holed)

4) Thank the blogger who nominated you. (That I can do, cuz I like her!) 

5) Add the Versatile Blogger logo to your post (Did it, it’s the pretty green thing.)

And I’m doing these in no particular order, cuz that’s how I roll. Y’all will just have to keep up!

So a big THANK YOU  to Lori over at Blather by Bubbe….She’s a yiddish version of Grammy. If you’ve ever read the comments on my posts, you’ve met her. And I know all of y’all have been to visit her brand new blog because I told you to a while back, remember?? ‘Course you do…..She writes about life (the good, the bad and the ugly), the occasional road rage, and family. She has a great sense of humor and I enjoy her very much.

Random tidbit #1…. I am deathly afraid of birds. Any kind of bird. Unless it’s fried up crispy and served with mashed potatoes and gravy…

My first nomination is going to be Irish American Mom. You can hear her Irish accent when you read her blog! She shares fabulous recipes, stories  and customs from Ireland, the one she wrote about a typical Irish Christmas sounded like a lovely little slice of heaven. She’s warm and sweet and I really really enjoy her…And I’m making her Irish Beef Stew next week because hello??? Any stew involving the addition of Guinness is a winner in my book….


Nomination numero due is Melissa at Melissa*Nevaeh*Jiedyn. Melissa is Australian, and shares the sweetest pictures and stories of her adorable kiddos. I really get a kick out of the phrases and sayings she uses that are uniquely Aussie…

Random tidbit #2…. I shave my legs every time I shower, but some how rarely remember to shave my pits. Go figure.

Random tidbit #3…. When I was 7 my Grandpa thoroughly convinced me that Jesse James (the outlaw, not the dumbass ex of Sandra Bullock) was related to us. Which prompted me to brag about my famous cousin to the kids at school. Which caused them to make fun of me. Which caused me to try and pummel them. Which got me in trouble with the Principle….

Third nomination is Nuckingfutsmama. She’s funny as hell. ‘Nuff said!


Random tidbits #4, 5, and 6…..My middle name is Louise, which I hated growing up but don’t mind so much now. My Mom’s middle name was Dorcas. So as an adult I’m just counting my blessings cuz Louise ain’t so bad by comparison. Avery’s Mom was 3 days old before I figured out what to name her, as she was supposed to be a boy….

Last nomination is for Carrie at Cannibalistic Nerd. She’ll make you laugh until you cry. Or pee your pants just a little….

Yes, I’m aware I said I’d nominate 5 and only managed 4. It’s the rebel thing again…

Random tidbit #7….My pug’s name is PUG. Actually it’s Snickerdoodle (wha?? I was hungry) but we NEVER call her that. We call her Pug, or some variation thereof. Mostly cuz we’re lazy…

Random tidbit #8…I have a double jointed thumb. Just the left one. As did my Mom, and as does my eldest….


**disclaimer** If any of you whom I’ve nominated have (unbeknownst to me) already recieved this award please feel totally free to ignore me!


12 thoughts on “Am I versatile? Cuz I got this award thing…

  1. i have a double jointed thumb??? wha???? How do you know a thumb is double jointed??? Now I have a complex…..and I can’t stop looking at my thumbs……..thanks Mom!!

    • Oh for the love of Mike child, you’ve known this since you were little, we used to compare them! It’s your left one, you can cock it back further than the right….And they say we Middle-aged peeps are senile….:)

  2. Hi Grammy! I’m Pamela and if you’re a friend of Bubbe, you must be pretty awesome!

    My middle name is Louise too! I LOVE Pugs, they are SO cute!

    It would be really cool if Jesse James the outlaw was a relative though. I think you should just go with that one! And kick anyone’s butt who says it’s not true! 😉

    Happy New Year!

  3. I’m trying not to laugh out loud or I’ll wake Hubs and then I’ll never finish catching up with my reading! Grammy this was too hysterical; I love the way you mixed it up! And I was never much impressed with my middle name “Jean” either. But at least I only have one; my sister was blessed with two middle names. Our uncle declared that he was going to call her Donna (or was it Denise?) whether or not the ‘rents named her that, so they added it in after her original middle name. Phew! I am so glad I dodged THAT bullet! This is why I so enjoy you – and you’re welcome!

  4. Thanks so much for your nomination and congrats on your own versatile blogging award. Your writing is always hilarious and, without a shadow of a doubt, versatile. I love visiting your blog each day for a laugh.

    Hope you enjoy your stew – and don’t forget the Guinness. Trust me – it’s no good without it.

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