And now I need a bigger house….

Sometimes I fail to follow an idea to its illogical conclusion.

Such was the case when I gleefully purchased large baby toy items for Avery for Christmas. Where to put them, and how much room these suckers will take up was not a consideration. But should have been….

Have I mentioned that clutter drives me crazy?? Dust bunnies happily live undisturbed in my house for months. Hairballs the size of hamsters fall off my Golden Retriever and lie in peaceful slumber on my carpets for weeks. But clutter??? Stuff sitting in places it doesn’t belong? In piles??? THAT makes me insane….

My tree is coming down TODAY. The day after Christmas. Because I need the space to put the dang jumper-seat-bouncy-seat-Baby-Einstein-activity-center MONGO thing I got for Avery. And a completely adorable rocking horse thing that’s not a horse but an elephant, so a rocking elephant. And CUTE AS HELL WHICH IS WHY I BOUGHT IT…. Because it’s cluttering up my living room. And making me nutso. So the tree that normally enjoys reigning over the house in all it’s splendor until New Year’s Day has gotta go.

When Hubs and I bought this house 4 years ago, the open floor plan in the upstairs was perfect. It was just the two of us (plus beloved Mutts) and it seemed spacious. Then I crammed all of our furniture in it and it got a tad smaller. Then a couple of years ago we replaced our delapidated living room set with a beautiful new double sofa sectional with double reclining ends (so four, count them 4 recliners on this sucker) and the room got teensy. And because we’re morons and bought the corner piece for the sectional that no one ever sits on, it leaves me with nowhere to put the Christmas tree without lugging the corner piece that no one ever sits on downstairs and shoving the tree in the corner. The corner that Avery’s toys now need to go in…so they’re not out in the middle of the living room making me chew my fingernails down to the quick….

OCD much?? No, why do you ask?

Storing this completely useless bigass piece of furniture that no one ever sits on (OK. Yes, I’m bitter about the purchase of the corner piece and wish with all my heart we had just purchased two stupid sofas. Thanks for pointing that out) in the finished basement shouldn’t be an an issue at all. It’s the largest room in the entire house. Virtually devoid of furnishings. Except for that big honking space killer pool table Hubs bought last year. The one that takes up the ENTIRE room. That no one ever plays pool on because we use it as a laundry folding table….And so putting this massive corner piece down there pretty effectively blocks access to the stairs. Unless you turn sideways and scuttle like a crab. Which is totally fun when you’re carrying a laundry basket. Or a baby.

So I need a bigger house.

So we have more space to hold our completely useless and massively proportioned furnishings. And Avery’s stuff.



2 thoughts on “And now I need a bigger house….

  1. argh! I am in the exact same -cramped- boat as you. Tonight I spent about an hour just staring at the xmas decor wondering where the hell it’s going to go once it comes down. We moved into this house 5 years ago & out grew it the same day. Then we decided to add 2 children & another dog just to see how much more crap this place could take before it burst at the seams. This makes my choices lately extra stupid. #1- adding more xmas trees to our holiday decor collection & #2- giving in & buying my daughter an almost 4ft tall dream castle -of course after I had been told by the husband multiple times to quite buying her more xmas gifts.

    I decided tonight that I’m basically screwed & chose to hop onto the computer instead of think about it any more. I need a BIGGER house as well!

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