Life with Scrooge McDuck…

A wise man once said to me, “Life is short. You can always make more money but when your life over that’s it so live it while you can.” I couldn’t agree more.

Remember this guy?


Obsessed with hoarding all his moolah? A miser, a penny pincher, a tightwad, frugal….

Are you one? Or are you a squanderer? Do you spend every penny you make by the end of payday, or God forbid more pennies than you actually make?? Do you live on and stick to a budget? Do you know what a budget is??









Is saving for the future the most important thing in your life? Would you rather do without creature comforts (like groceries) now in order to build your nest egg for later? Do you begrudge every penny that gets spent??

My Mother-in-Law (may she rest in peace) retired in her 5o’s. She traveled when she felt like it, took ballet lessons, learned to golf. She worked hard and she saved smart. And She lived….

I’m a middle of the road kinda girl myself, I like to have a nice little nest egg but I’m not opposed to parting with my cash or forking over my credit card once in a while for something that Hubs or I really, really want. Because sometimes the smile on the face of the loved one you just spent that hard earned cash on is worth soooo much more than the money itself.

Barring a winning lottery ticket, I will never be a rich woman. I fully expect to spend my Golden years broke and partial to Little Friskies instead of Meow Mix. I figure I’ll have enough saved and/or invested to live comfortably for about a year, maybe two and then I’m moving in to mooch off my kids for a few years anyway so I’m living it up while I still (sorta) have my mental facilities enough to enjoy what I’m blowing my money on!

**note to Daughters, don’t plan on an inheritance, Mama and Daddy are spending all our money before we die, if we have to sneak out in the middle of the night to do it**

Saving and planning for the future is smart and responsible, there’s no doubt about it. Just don’t be a Scrooge McDuck, that guy was a pain in the ass….



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