The best part of gettin’ my hair did…

I love going to the salon for a number of reasons. One big reason? Where else am I going to get my head massaged?? No where, that’s where…

Here’s my other favorite part: the gossip….Hairdressers like to gossip! You get all the good scoop on people you know, plus some on complete strangers that you hope you never meet because there’s no way you could keep a straight face around them now!

Why do we share stuff with our hairpeeps that we wouldn’t share with some friends?? Is it actually the scalp massage that renders us void of discretion? Most women value their hair above almost all other physical traits so do we spill our guts because we figure we’re entrusting this person with our hair, might as well add our secrets as well? Or is it a subconscience fear of this person wielding razor sharp scissors so very near our jugulars that removes the filter from our mouths??

I enjoy the sharing of less than factual but oh so titillating tidbits,I totally admit it. And like any good junkie, I get my fix on a regular basis. I learned a valuable lesson a few months back however,  never make my appointment directly after Avery’s Moms’ appointment because she gives away all of my good scoop leaving me nothing to share!! The brat. Stoled all my best stuff….

Here’s the part I don’t like: those stupid little snippets of hair that manage to make their way down my shirt. I’ll itch all damn day…

I’m thinkin maybe this Spring, I’m gonna get some of those little sparkly string things put in my hair. I think I could totally rock the bling…those little strands of glittery fun would compliment my gray   Arctic Blond highlights nicely I do believe!

I’m not dying those Arctic Blond highlights, I earned every dang one of them!

Makes me look distinguished right??






4 thoughts on “The best part of gettin’ my hair did…

  1. Distinguished … um yeah! Yes of course! LOL! You make me laugh which makes me cough (not quite up a lung but I’ve improved) so thanks for that. Personally, the BESTEST reason for a professional salon visit is the head massage! Love it soooo much! Now I think I’d better call and make an appointment ; )

  2. Hmmm, I have natural silver highlights now that appear to be procreating at an astonishing rate. I’d say they don’t cost anything, but that isn’t completely true, I’m pretty sure a little bit of my sanity goes every time I get a new one.

    Now I want a head massage….

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