Lesson 7, avoiding the New Year’s Day hangover…

No, I’m not crazy enough to suggest abstaining from all those New Year’s Eve toasts as that’s just silly….I’m a practical girl.

I’ve combed the Internet to comprise a list of the most sure-fire cures for a hangover, so you can just enjoy December 31st knowing that Grammy did the hard work for you…

I’m such an effin’ giver…








Ten best ways to have your cake and eat it too on New Year’s Eve.

1. Hydrate!!! Before going out to tie one on, drink a minimum of 64 oz of water or GatorAid. Just do it, don’t question it….

2. Low Blood Sugar will amplify a hangover. So eat before you go out for the Love of God! Protein and Carbs. Eat a nice dinner beforehand and might I suggest Biscuits and Gravy the morning after??? And some eggs?? And bacon??? Bacon makes everything better….

3. An oldie but a goodie: Hair of the dog. hot toddy will fix you right up! Just don’t have 17 of them or you’ll be right back where you started on the-day-after the-day-after you inbibed just a tad too much and then that’s just a vicious cycle…

4. Go work out. This one is completely untried by me so I cannot vouch for its effectiveness because HELLOOOOO??? Ew. But I read it several times on different sites so ya’ll go on and be the Guinea Pigs on this one and report back to me….

5. B Vitamins. Pop a B6 and B12 and wash it down with all that GatorAid you’re supposed to be drinking….







6. Prickly Pear. This is again untried by yours truly as a hangover cure, BUT I had some pretty amazing Prickly Pear Honey in Sicily and I am totally on board with eating some more of it whether it cures my hangover or not. This isn’t the same brand I had in Sicily but I betcha it’s still yummy…

7. Tripe Soup. Not even kidding, I totally found this on Forbes. Folks down in Mexico swear by tripe soup made from the lining of a cow’s stomach and spiced with chile, garlic and other seasonings. More than likely, the sting of the spices provides a welcome distraction from the thought of what the hell you’re eating. Again, I have not nor will I EVER try this one…

8. Potassium. Eat a couple of bananas. My Hubs swears by this and as a former drunken Sailor, I take his word for it.

 9. Make some toast. Only seems right that all that toasting you do on New Year’s Eve should have a cure by the same name doesn’t it? And it gives you something to put the Prickly Pear Honey on!

10. Darkness. Drink your water, eat your toast, have a toddy to wash down your B vitamins and then put a damp cool cloth over your poor little eyes and just lay in your darkened room.















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