Thank you little Baby Jesus…

Did ya miss me??

Hubs surgery on Friday went well, got him home, made him as comfy as possible and proceeded to dole out his pain meds at the precise moment they were due to be taken. Turns out he has a low tolerance for Vicodin which is weird ‘cuz that’s the VA’s drug of choice so he’s had it every time he’s had surgery….His intructions were to take 1-2 every 6 hours. If he takes 1, no side effects but also some lingering pain. If he takes 2 he gets nauseous, the shakes, chills and the creepy-crawly itches like a crack-head. Not good.

Friday night we got this much sleep:




*more crickets*


So yesterday was uber fun. Plus he took a shower which is usually a good thing except when he has a leg that he can’t put any weight on and we have a stupid tub shower so I have to support the weight of my 250 lb Man while he hops over the tub wall and into the shower….

And then I cured him by making chocolate chip cookies with pistachios. He ate about 17 of them throughout the day and when we went to bed around 11 last night he slept. All night! Which means I slept all night!

Yay me!

My friggin cookies are magical y’all!

He tells me this morning he feels like a new man!

So this is me today!

 Have a fabulous Sunday Peeps! And THANK YOU for the well wishes, happy thoughts and get well ju-ju! Y’all rock!



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