Mr. Gimpy….

My Hubs is having surgery today. AGAIN….

At least this time around it’s not on one of his knees. AGAIN…

Here’s what he’s having done:

“Endoscopic Pendoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy. In this procedure two slits are made around the heel. Through these slits in the side of the heel a small camera is inserted which allows the surgeon to see the injured area. He then detaches, or cuts, the plantar fascia ligament from the heel bone using a small knife, relieving stress and pain and allowing new fascia tissue to develop in the space that was created. With this procedure, the tension that created plantar fasciitis or heel spurs is eliminated.”


I’ll be playing nurse for a few days. (And not in a fun hanky-panky kind of way)

Yay me.

Crossing my fingers, toes and every other digit I can possibly cross without getting a cramp, that this does the trick as he’s been suffering for a couple of years and the cortisone shots he’s been getting in his heels are no longer effective.

I really don’t like it when my Honey is in pain. Not even a little bit. (Unless he’s been a smart alec and I pop him upside his head for it, then I don’t mind his suffering a little but only because he totally deserved it).

He is the world’s worst patient. Not because he whines and wants to be babied and waited on hand and foot. Nope, it’s because he thinks he can just ignore all medical post-surgical instructions given to him and fend for himself. Because he doesn’t want to be a bother. Which only causes me to have to watch him like a hyperactive two year old in a store full of really expensive breakable stuff. Forcing him to sit the hell down and let me friggin’ help him is a full time job.

Send us happy thoughts, ok? Mostly me, cuz he’ll have happy pills….they should totally give those to the caregivers too….



10 thoughts on “Mr. Gimpy….

  1. Happy thoughts AND prayers for successful surgery and easy caregiving afterwards (we can but hope, right?). And they should TOTALLY give good drugs to the caregivers, who need it way way more than the patient usually does.

  2. When I has surgery a couple of years ago they told me to take it easy for 2 weeks and not work. Well when i got sent home i was feeling just fine so i was running around the house doing all kinds of things. Lee my boyfriend was yelling at me to lay down but i would not listen. Well that night i was in so much pain i could not sleep. Guess i was still druged up from my surgery and thats why i was in no pain. But i did go back to work 3 days after and my dr said to take the 2 weeks off.

    Hope everything goes good for your husbands surgery and i hope you do get happy pills or some happy drinks:-)

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