And then we went for ice cream…

Today was Dan and Mama’s Day o’ Fun!

We totally ditched the girls and headed to the Mall. Yes, yes, I know, I HATE THE MALL. However, at 9 in the morning on a Tuesday it’s not so bad….who knew? I’m normally hard at work at 9 on Tuesday mornings so I’m a little miffed that no one ever shared this tip with me….you’re all fired! And guess what else?? I used about a half gallon of Purel while I was there, cuz I say No Thank You to the Plague.

Anyhoo, we only knew that we still needed stocking stuffers, but no clue as to what specifically we were looking for. So we did alot of perusing….Turns out wandering aimlessly thru the mall with my Son-in-Law is a hoot! He talks in funny voices, walks at a ridiculously fast pace for a good 100 yards before realizing that I’m no longer beside him and he’s talking in a funny voice to no one!

Two hours later, I had found all but one thing on my list which  I had to get at Target. We left the mall and headed to Toys R Us where Dan needed to get something for a friend. He found nothing and I, who needed nothing from there purchased 3 things for Peanut. Go figure….

Our tummies are rumblin’ and we have specific lunch plans, so Target was a quick dash in, get the thing, hit up Starbucks for a much needed Caramel Brule latte and then off to the main attraction of the day! The place we’d been planning to go to for months, exchanging excited texts about it, filled with gleeful anticipation. The place that was our reward for going to the Mall in the first place, the carrot on the end of the string in front if us…

Our mouths watered with the thought of it….











The Famous Purple Pie Place in Custer, SD! Home of the worlds best-est EVER ice cream!!

Except this is what we found:











The Bastards!!! We drove an hour to get there!!! We were heartbroken. Heartbroken and effin’ hungry…

So we backtrack to The Alpine Inn in Hill City.








And had a fabulous Bourbon glazed chicken and gorgonzola sandwich and some rocking Tiramisu! Tiramisu so delightly, sinfully good I wanted to take it home and sleep with it under my pillow…

Take that Stupid Closed for the Season Purple Pie Place. Take that! Who needs ya??

We certainly didn’t….we left Alpine Inn with happy full tummies!



2 thoughts on “And then we went for ice cream…

  1. I LOVE tiramisu! And that sandwich sounds yummy! I’m not a fan of the mall during the holidays, well except for the decorations, but I like to wander and window shop sometimes. What a great day!

    • Well you know I refer to the Mall as the Den of Lucifer. However, if you absolutely must go there, take a goofy guy with you for entertainment and go early in the morning! You still may not enjoy the trip but at least you won’t kill anybody. Probably….:)

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