When you wish upon a star…

Every year I make the same resolution: to try to eat better, exercise more and get healthier. And I commit to it like gangbusters until about….oh….May. Then I start slacking more and more until December rolls around and I’m pretty much back where I started. Vicious cycle.

Not doing it this year.

This year I’m going to make wishes. Just wish on a star, a satellite, whatever that bright shiny spot in the far, far sky is.

My wish list is as follows:

For Chef Vivi and Captain America, I wish for continued happiness together, continued success in their chosen fields, and continued stability in all things financial (God Bless you Danny). I wish for them to grow and develop, as a couple and as individuals. I wish for him to be challenged in his martial arts so that it continues to fascinate and reward him. I wish for her to be challenged in her culinary ventures to learn more, experiment more, develop a style of her own that will delight all her senses. I wish for her to learn patience. Also for her to learn safer knife skills so her little digits will stay intact, and I wish for Dan to convince her that a new little ChubChub in the family is a great idea!

For Avery’s Mom, I wish stability, independence, and honesty. I wish for her to decide what is important, really important and then make that her priority. I wish for her to grow as a woman and a Mother, to be strong, mature and responsible. I wish for her to realize that her value as a person is not set by another person’s opinion of her, but rather by her own sense of pride, intelligence and integrity, all of which I wish for her to develop more of. I wish for her to make smarter, less selfish decisions. I wish for her to realize the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with being completely self sufficient. I wish contentment for her…

For Peanut, I wish for the comfort that can only come from a  stable home environment. The peace of falling asleep with a smile in her heart every night in her own warm, safe, comfy room surrounded by all the things she loves and have the sweetest of  dreams. I wish for her to never know the pain of uncertainty. I wish for her to never, ever feel like she is not important, or loved, or protected. I wish for her to always know that she is cherished and her well being is her family’s top priority. I wish for her to develop a strong sense of self worth and limitless confidence.

For my Hubs, I wish for a life free of pain so that he can pursue his hobbies with no thoughts of whether his body will allow him to do whatever he wants. I wish good luck for him in the woods, for his aim to be steady, his judgment good and his eye like an eagle. I wish for his worries and concerns for his family to be short lived and easily resolved. I wish for his numbers to one day hit the jackpot, and for him to be able to live out all of his dreams. I wish for him to never forget how much I admire and adore him. I wish peace of mind for him.

For myself, I wish for good health. All of my other wishes will come true when all of theirs do….

For all of you, I wish for peace, love, happiness, comfort, stability and something that makes you laugh, really laugh each and every day.



6 thoughts on “When you wish upon a star…

  1. Boy I’m glad I’m catching up over lunch rather than just reading a book. This hits home so well…thanks for that! I try to “wish” for each of my five girls and my son (not to mention those 8 grandbabies) from time to time and this reminds me I haven’t been as conscientious lately as I’d like. Great post Lori! Blessings for you and yours over the holidays.

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