I’m paying it forward….

I’m still a rookie myself at this Blogging thing, but I’d like to do what I can to help out a fellow newbie Blogger.

Meet Lori aka Bubbe at Blather By Bubbe! She’s been one of my most faithful followers, she’s without a doubt my most consistent commenter and she has just launched a Blog of her very own.

I completely understand her reason for taking on this challenge, as it’s also my therapy of choice…I’m constantly surprised at the interest people show in my humble opinions, how well they understand that I am mostly full of shit and yet keep reading anyway. And here’s the best part: it feels really good to get things off my chest sometimes even when I put a satirical spin on it….

It’s a scary thing, starting a new Blog. When I was toying with the idea I posted a Facebook status that said “If I start a Blog will anyone read it??” Three people responded. I did it anyway…..You wonder how will readers find you in the HUGE, HUGE Internet Sea. And on the odd chance that they do, will they think you’re a complete and utter doofuss? Not that I’ve ever let that stop me but still, you’d like people to enjoy your little labor of love. So everyday you publish what you have to say and pray someone other than your family actually reads it….it’s all a huge leap of faith.

Anyway, I would have LOVED for one of the Bloggers that I followed when I first started 4 months ago to do this for me so PLEASE go show Lori some love, Grammy style! She’s funny, and she’s honest. I think you’ll heart her….plus you’ll make her day, and mine too…

If you leave her a comment, tell her I said “Hey!”

Us “Lori’s”, we gotta stick together!

Also, I have another Blogger friend who is in a real bad way right now, physically and emotionally. Heidi at Girl to Mom could really use every prayer and happy thought sent her way that she can get. Do me a favor and send her big fat virtual HUGS ok? She’s a sweetheart…and she needs us….



3 thoughts on “I’m paying it forward….

  1. Well aren’t you sweet! I go away for the day and come home to find someone I know only virtually singing my praises – so to speak. What a nice surprise! Thanks Grammy, your support is much appreciated! And I’m sending prayers to Heidi even as I head over to check out her page. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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