Wordz du jour…

A particular word caught my attention at 6 yesterday morning as I was forced joyfully watched SportsCenter with the Hubs.

Existentially. (relating to or affirming existence)

I’ve heard the word before but never really paid attention to it or thought about using it in a sentence until I heard it used in a football context. Those sports announcers are way smart ya’ll….

It made me wonder what other gems of non-football related knowledge we could learn from them so I Googled it. Turns out not much….however there were plenty of resources for finding really dumb stuff they say.

So I decided to improve my vocabulary, and everyone else’s too.

I’m such a giver…

Awesome words that will make you sound all smart like…

 Anti-intellectualism: is hostility towards and mistrust of intellect, intellectuals and intellectual pursuits. Let’s use it in a sentence….“Ima fan of anti-intellectualism cuz I hates me some dumbasses.” (Personally, I like the irony of that statement.)

Dichotomy: division into two contradictory or exclusive entities; something with two contradictory qualities. “Dem wives a’ mine is a dichotomy, they’s always contradicting each other. ‘Cept when I need a beer then the bitches agree to not fetch me one.”

After today's lesson no one will be able to refer to you when they wear this.

Fastidious: fussy, finicky, particular. “Iz fastidious ’bout my house. If they don’t get them wheels leveled jus’ right I jus keep fussin’ ’til they do.”

Finagle: obtain by indirect or convoluted means or through trickery. Ok, I totally thought this was a word my Mother made up, like thingamajig, or doohickey. I’ve been using it and sounding smart my whole life by accident…“Iz done finagled me some free stuff from the WalsMart cuz I toldz them they forgot to put it in my bag.”

 Idiosyncratic: individual, personal, distinctive, eccentric, peculiar. “My Mother-in-law is idiosyncratic, she’s peculiar as hell. Smells real distinctive too.”



I have always been an advocate of continuing education and self improvement. You’re welcome!



8 thoughts on “Wordz du jour…

  1. Oh my word….the REDNECK version of a voe-cab-you-larry lesson! How AWESOME are you?!? It’s a anti-intellectualism dichotomy, you clever woman!

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