Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

Hi, my Name is Avery. Remember me? We showed up at a party with the same outfit?? Sorry ’bout that, you can totally blame my Grammy but don’t be too peeved at her, she means well and lets face it, I kinda rocked your trademark look. I thought we looked pretty great together, if you ever want to just chill out and hang, gimme a jingle. Bring one of those little short Dudes with you, they seemed cool.

So anyway, my Grammy says I’ve been real good this year. I reckon it’s hard to mess up too bad in just one month…She says I should ask you for stuff I really want but I’m pretty sure she’s taken care of all the toys and stuff cuz there’s super fun looking boxes all over this joint. The thing is, there’s one thing I’ve been really wanting and I don’t think Grammy’s gonna deliver on this one, that’s where you come in…I really, really want this ok?? Ok. Here goes:

A cure for the hiccups.

Please and Thank You.

Hugs and Kisses,


Avery Michele (Peanut)


PS…Dude, you should get some striped tights, they totally put the outfit over the top. I’m just sayin’…




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