Oh, the wonders of Google…

I have shamelessy solicited the help of friends/family/loyal readers in coming up with blog post ideas….This one was submitted by Bambi-Lou.

Bambi apparently has just discovered the Big Wide Wonderful World of Google, a place I am very familiar with as I am the self-proclaimed Google Queen. 

Stuff you can find on Google that may someday come in handy…

 If you type in “horn”, surprisingly enough the first entry that pops up is not what you might expect. I figured I’d get “horny guy seeking slutty no-no girl” or something equally skeevy. I didn’t. I got an ammunition manufacturer named Hornaday who appear to make a bullet called “The Zombie Max”, in preparation of the impending Zombie apocolypse which promises to “zero in on Zombies”. This is useful information ya’ll….


See? I couldn't make this shit up.

If you search “Stuff you didn’t know” you will learn all kinds of things. For instance, the dot over the lowercase “i” is called a tittle. Also, if you chew gum while peeling onions it will keep you from crying. They didn’t specify if that also included actually chopping the onion which is when I do most of my crying. This could be a totally useless factoid.

If you search “Random stuff” you’ll be directed to a fun little site called Random things to do which has some interesting tips such as Dress up like Ronald McDonald and go to Burger King. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this bored, but I’m filing this away in the back of my brain, just in case…

And then there’s:

Completely useless but totally fun stuff you’ll find on Google

Searching for “cute chubby babies” will get you this:









I defy you not to giggle over that…

Do a search for  “little kid car jumps” and you’ll find this:















This picture proves the absolute awesomeness of Google….

Go ahead GTS (Google that shit)!



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