Pray for thine enemies??

My Peanut is about to be a whole month old…

Her Mommy recently had a meeting at a notory’s office with the Sperm Donor so he could sign the Paternity Affidavit the hospital requested. He never even asked about the Baby, not “how is she?” “is she healthy?” nada…but did feel it was his right to comment negatively on Britt’s new hairdo….‘cuz that was the important issue at hand.


Someone explain to me how this person has managed to create one of the most amazing teenage girls on the planet and yet be such an incredible schmuck. Anybody?? I’m going to chalk it up to an incredibly strong gene pool from the Mom of Peanut’s big Sister.

I’m going to say a prayer for him….

Dear Lord,

Please look out for this person, don’t let a train or anything run over him.

Lord, please don’t let a meteor fall and land on his head.

I pray Lord, that his hair doesn’t fall out in clumps leaving bald patches so that he ends up looking like the dog from “Steele Magnolias”.

Lord, please don’t let a nervous skunk get trapped in his leased Jaguar all night. That would be terrible.

He really enjoys playing pool Lord, so whatever you do, don’t let him have a really bad allergic reaction to anything that would cause his hands to inexplicably swell to 10 times thier normal size, thus preventing him from being able to enjoy his 2nd favorite hobby. (The first being stroking his own over-inflated ego)

And Lord, it would be really awful for him if he were to develop an incurable case of explosive diarrhea. So don’t do that…

Please, please don’t let him fall off a cliff while enjoying a stroll thru the Slim Buttes, plunging him hundred’s of feet down into a ravine where he might be consumed by hungry coyotes.

I want to Thank you Lord for making Peanut look like her Mommy. The alternative just doesn’t bear thinking about…and ask in all seriousness, please let him get a big fat raise at work so the State can get lots and lots of Child Support out of him.

Thanks for your time,


It takes a really good person to pray for one’s enemy…

Go me.



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