And then I was done…

Black Friday….

Crowds. Pushy crowds. Long lines. Stores out of the one thing they lured you in to buy. No sleep. NO THANKS…

I finished my Christmas shopping late Thursday night. In my jammies. From the comfort of my couch. Envy me….

Amazon is amazing. Amazon with free shipping? My new bestest friend…

Here’s me, giddy from my black Friday shopping:

Actually, this would be me if Amazon sold Lypo...and I owned a hat.

Anyhoo, point is, my Black Friday shopping experience was stress free….and I didn’t get elbowed once. And that my friends is worth something.

 Here’s what Bambi looked like after her Black Friday shopping excursion:


Bambi's Rubicon is NOT purple. I just felt I should clarify that...


Traffic was apparently ugly…And that’s not easy to accomplish in our small town. Plus they were out of the one thing she really wanted.

I have friends that wouldn’t miss Black Friday shopping, they gleefully await it’s arrival every year. I’ve been, sometimes it’s been beneficial, and sometimes not. But it’s never failed to be a hectic, sleep deprived adventure. So unless a store is offering 99% off, I will most likely pass…

And this? This is one major reason why:

Cuz I don't want to go to jail...

 Two dollar waffle irons ain’t worth fighting over, ya know?? I totally didn’t make that up either, it’s on you tube so you know it true.

24 people were injured in 9 Wal-Marts around the country. One crazy woman pepper sprayed people who got too close to the electronics she had her eye on….for real. That seems a bit extreme to me, I’d have just taken J-Belle with me and let her shank the ones that got particularly close. No reason for innocent folks to suffer from overspray…

So while all that silliness was going on, I was snoozing ya’ll….I’m just sayin’. Got my shopping done, still got the sales with free shipping and avoided jail time, now that’s a win-win for everybody!

And that makes a happy, albiet broke Grammy!


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