The Twelve Shenanigans of Christmas…

I was recently asked to help Red come up with 12 things to send her non-Christmasy Sweetheart who works for the US Postal Service…

Here’s what I came up with…

  1.  Partridge in a pear tree boxers?? Cafepress has them.

Partridge Boxer Shorts

2.  Two turtle candies and a bar of dove soap

3.  Three cans of chicken noodle soup, pretend its made from french hens

4.  Call him 4 times and leave a msg “caw!caw!”

5.  A can of pineapple rings, there’s at least 5 in there

6.  Six Russell Stover peanut butter eggs. OR wrap up a half dozen eggs for real and put a note in there “these wouldnt be broken if I’d sent them Fed-ex!”

Picture - high angle view
of a mailman holding
a damaged package.
fotosearch - search
stock photos,
pictures, wall
murals, images,
and photo clipart

7.  Seven bath products, for swimming in the tub. Make sure 1 is a rubber duck.

8.  Could I possibly get you to rent a maid costume and take 8 pix of yourself??? Holding a wineglass of milk??? No? Ok, then how about 8 different packages of flavored hot chocolate or coffee, tell him to imagine you milking the cows for the creamer in them.

9.  A mixed CD of nine crazy dance tunes

10. A pogo stick would be fun. OR send a tube of BenGay and tell him to leap around a lot.

11.  A pipe? or 11 moon pies.

12.  Target has this really cute set of  Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments for like 20 bucks.

12 Days Ornament Set.Opens in a new window

Now why would she ask me to help with this project and expect nothing less than  shenanigans??



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