And then I was the guest STAR…

Today’s blog can be found over at All Fooked Up where I am the featured guest blogger for the day!

Go, check it out ‘cuz I’m pretty sure Lynn will kick my ass if I don’t generate some traffic for her…It’s Thanksgiving, I don’t want to die on a Holiday as that would ruin it for the Hubs and the Kids….

I’m selfless like that….

I jest…I don’t really think Lynn would murderize me! I feel like she’s more of a “hire it out” kinda of woman….

Have a very special Thanksgiving Peeps, I’m thankful for YOU everyday!

Gobble ’til you wobble!!

PS…Here’s the list of critical items in preparing today’s feast that I forgot when I did my $300 shopping trip: yeast, peppercorns, cascade (‘cuz I ain’t washing all those dishes by hand)….My wonderful, caring, selfless, remarkable, amazing, hottie of a Hubby is currently at the dang grocery store getting these items for me….oy….



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