And then you shocked the hell outta me…


Nearly 1000 of you visited me yesterday….

At first I was like Holy crap! Go me! I started thinking maybe there was a glitch in my counter….But then I just settled into a state of shock and awe. I mean, where did you all come from? How did you find me?

And why the heck don’t you come visit everyday??? HA!

I’m a little perplexed…Do you find my musings entertaining? Enlightening? Encouraging?

Or, is it possible, just possible that the secret is out: I’m friggin brilliant?

My Mom always said so.

So let’s think about that for a minute, and bask in my brilliance. Shall we??

1. I’ve taught you how to deal with Douche Canoes and awkward moments. Because I don’t want you to be ill equipped for life’s problems…Go me!

2. I’ve instructed you on how to make a voodoo doll. Because sometimes they’re necessary and I care. Go me!

3. I shared the best cookie recipe on the planet with you, because I’m a giver. Go me!

4. I’ve shared my family’s embarrassing moments, for your entertainment. Because I don’t believe in censorship. And I’m sorry, but that shit’s funny. So Go me!

5. I have shared the awesomeness that is my Avery with you, because she’s too amazing to keep to myself. Go me again! (And Go Avery!)

6. I let you know what a sucker I am for my dogs and how they like to make a fool of me. Because I have no shame. Go me!

7. I shared the recipe for homemade tater tots with you. Because only the best for my peeps. Go me!

8. I openly confessed my problems with addiction And encouraged everyone to become an addict with me. I’m selfless like that. Go me!













9. I’ve bared my soul. Because keeping in how I felt just hurt. Go me…

10. I’ve made fun of myself , to give you a chuckle. Because I love ya! Go me!

11. I’ve shared my episodes of shameless behavior. Because, well….I’m shameless! So GO ME!

I think we can all agree that I pretty much rock, right??


PS….Thanks for visiting! Muah!


10 thoughts on “And then you shocked the hell outta me…

  1. Well I always knew it. With a name like Lori how could you not rock? I was very happy to find your blog. FYI, some of the links above didn’t work : (
    I’m talking especially about the addiction link!!! Those yummy bars look so good and I couldn’t find them! Wah!!!!

  2. Well duh you’re brilliant! You had a brilliant daughter and as they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!……unless of course you turn that apple into a swan…..or a turkey…..just sayin’

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