Snow Day…

Our first real snowfall of the season started yesterday, kept it up through the night and continues this morning. A foot is our predicted accumulation amount, we’re half way there now at 4:30 am…

I’m ok with this…I like snow.

Especially when I don’t have to leave the comfy warmth of my home…’cuz I’m brilliant and got all my normal weekend errands run yesterday before it started…

I have all the stuff I need to make Cioppino for supper, and have a craft project I’m dieing to work on:


Stuffing stockings is a big deal around here…we put alot of effort into it. Our current stockings are threadbare and literally coming apart at the seams from years of over-stuffing, so a few months back I decided to make new ones. I work with a gal who is a seamstress on the side so I bought the fabric and she sewed them for me and today I’m decorating them!!

The blank stockings are pure white and I’ve been collecting stuff to decorate with for months….stamps, buttons, charms, ribbon, etc. Everyone’s will be different as their stocking will be personalized according to their personalities….

Chef Vivi’s has some cooking stuff, but also stars because she loves stars, and her main color is green…

Britt’s has shoes, Paris stuff and is mostly pink ‘cuz pink is her signature cul-lah.

Dan’s has bears, ‘cuz he likes bears. Also anchors. It will be red, white and blue ‘cuz duh…he’s Captain America!

Hubs is camo, and has hunting and fishing stuff…

Mine will have something that symbolizes all of them ‘cuz my family makes me smile, plus a camera ‘cuz it wouldn’t be me otherwise. And red, my favorite…

Avery’s will have bright happy stuff on her’s until she’s big enough to have likes and hobbies!

And because as previously mentioned, I’m friggin brilliant, I had extra blank stockings made for future “to be named later” family members…I am not in any way, shape or form a seamstress so I just went to the fabric store, picked out what I liked and bought a big hunk of it. Turns out I bought enough to make 17 stockings! These girls better rev up those baby making parts!!!

I love craft projects!

And soup.

It’s gonna be a great day, as I also plan to do alot of this:









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