And then the sparkle kept me up all night…

I have a confession.

I’m a Twilightaholic.

Don’t judge me.

Or do, I DON’T CARE!!!

No, I’m not in love with Edward. Or Jacob. Or Bella. I’m a sucker for the love story…And so, along with my Peeps, I braved the crowds for the Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, part 1 on opening night. And sat through most of the marathon of the first 3 movies as well! (Mostly because then you get a better seat for the main event…and I didn’t have to stand outside in frigid temps waiting in line to get in for said main event)…

Say what you will, even with all the hype and over the top publicity, at the end of the day it’s just a love story, sparkly Vamps aside….(I personally am more of a True Blood kind of vamp fan than the sparkly variety, but whatever) It’s romantic, sweet and dark at the same time. And it does throw in the occasional shirtless cute boy so what’s not to like?? Nothing, that’s what! Open your minds!

Here’s the thing for me, I became a junkie because of Bambi. She totally did this to me. She loaned me her copy of the first movie. She made me read the books…then she made me go to my first Midnight showing and then she had the nerve to make sitting in the theatre for 7 straight hours in the middle of the night FUN!


And guess who else joined us in our Junkiedom? Jackie May! One more reason why I love her, even though she had to be all responsible and miss the pre-main event marathon and Sushi dinner by refusing to skip her nursing school clinicals….

Could I have waited until a more reasonable night and time to see the movie? Yes. Would it be as much fun? Nope. Which is why I planned months ago to take today off work after being out til 3 in the morning! Didn’t do that last year after Eclipse, thought I could make it through my work day on 2 hours sleep…big mistake. Huge….I’m a live and learn kinda girl….

So there we sat, Bambi, Kianah, Jackie and I, entranced. Purses full of smuggled in contraband candy, properly attired in our Twilight garb…Ignoring the fact that our tushies were numb from sitting, ignoring our full bladders, ignoring our screaming internal sleep clocks…eyes glued to the screen. Blissfully mesmerized….Totally forgetting the danger we were in earlier when the crowd got a little ugly over the whole “saving seats” fiasco. At one point J-Belle offered, via Facebook to “come shank some bitches for you” which I found quite comforting. You don’t mess with the Southern Belle from Detroit…

We “ooohed” and “awwwwed” at all the appropriate places, poked fun at times when we shouldn’t have, groaned in disappointment at a particularly heavy overload of cheesy internal dialogue amongst the wolf pack…And in the end, cheered…all while happily hopped up on sugar and carbs.

 Dear Movie Theater managers: when showing a movie at midnight, make a pot of coffee would ya??? You’d have made a killin’….

 Now nighty, night…Grammy is off to bed!


 PS….the preview for “The Hunger Games” looked amazing! Midnight showing in March??? I think soooo….



10 thoughts on “And then the sparkle kept me up all night…

  1. I am a True Blood watcher and never got into Twilight its to much of a love story and I would rather stab my eyes out then watch romance with vamps. ha ha ha
    Plus if i had to go to work the next morning I would have killed my coworkers for sure. I am already a bitch in the mornings and tell them not to talk to me till 10am.

    • Anita Blake is the character in the Laurel K Hamilton series of books, Anita is a vampire hunter who can raise the dead. They are set in St Louis and in a time when Vamps and other creepy crawly preternatural creatures are accepted in polite society. Oh, and there’s alot of kanoodling between Anita and a couple of particularly yummy creepy crawlies!

  2. Love me some True Blood! Haven’t read the Twilight series OR seen any of the movies – I know, I know but I just didn’t have an interest when they first came out and the more I hear about them the less interested I am. But I do not judge others who are interested. After all, THIS grandma was hooked on Harry Potter! : )

      • I usually prefer the book to the movie when there’s a choice. My husband hates it when I get started about how different the movie is from the book!

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