C’Mon, get happy…

Do you believe that the only thing stopping a person from being happy is themselves? Or are people helping you stay a big hot mess???

There are a kajillion websites, books, etc dedicated to teaching you to be a happier person. They offer tantalizing tidbits of advice, shining little pearls of wisdom to transform yourself from complete and total Puddle of Depression into Suzy Sunshine….Heck, you can hire a Life Coach and pay them out the yingyang to train you how to be happy…

OR…Ya’ll can just listen to me!

Here’s my advice, for what it’s worth:


I defy anyone to hold a happy baby and not feel happy too!

Works like a charm for me. When I have a crappy day full of unnecessary drama and people who have no filter and no inside voice,  I come home, hold my Peanut and BAM! Happy Grammy…works on Poppa too. I’m sure this method works with all babies and not just because our Avery IS EXCEPTIONAL…

No access to a little ChubChub? No worries, find one of these:









Puppy breath is a sure fire cure for the blues…And who doesn’t love a puppy? Puppies are happiness wrapped in fur.

Not a dog person? I gotcha covered…


Better?? Purring is an anti-depressant…Plus they chase string and stuff so that oughta put even Scrooge in a happy place.

Wha? Not a furry friend kind of person?? *sighh*

Ok, here ya go:

Quiet, non-shedding, low maintainance…perfect for apartment dwellers. Not exactly cuddley, but chock full of personality so hey, whatever works for ya….

Point is, find what works. There’s gotta be something that consistently puts a smile on your face so go find it!

And if it’s this:

That’s ok too, just don’t skip a dose!!



6 thoughts on “C’Mon, get happy…

  1. Ok…..so now I seriously need to hold Peanut……or i need for it to be 3 months from now so i can have my “Congratulations you quit smoking!” puppy 🙂

  2. Yes, puppies work and so do full grown dogs! I think Peaches and Roscoe are all that keep my hubby out of the pit of despair most days. If he didn’t have to get out of bed to care for them and didn’t have them to snuggle with I think he’d have gone round the bend long ago.

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