Let the damn Turkey have his day….

Poor little GobbleGobble. He gives his life for our Holiday and what thanks does he get? Nada….I mean, the whole day is centered around his being eaten so the least we can do is not overshadow his demise by bringing the Fat Guy and his little pointy-eared minions out quite so soon…

I’d feel really, really bad for him if he didn’t taste so dang good….But since he does, and I can’t honestly be remorseful, I’m just going to give him a little tribute.

Ode To The Turkey

I heart you.

Your plumpness delights me,

When I’m done with you, you smell like Rosemary.

I’m in love with your crispy skin,

You taste so good it should be a sin.

But it’s not.

Lucky for me.

To you I make this solemn vow,

to never replace you with cow.

I will, however, share your spotlight with a sow.

‘Cuz cooked in a brown sugar and bourbon glaze,

the taste of that little piggy will amaze.


You my friend will always be the Star,

From your juiciness I’ll never stray too far.

And on leftover days,

you’ll be served with mayonnaise.

On Bread.

Yay me.

You give me a reason to make my famous stuffing,

It’s freakin’ good, and I ain’t bluffing.

And the potatoes.

Oh the glorious spuds, creamy with browned butter,

and cream cheese, so tasty they’ll make you stutter.

You make me drool,

‘cuz I’m a fool,

For you.

Bravo, my friend. Bravo…


6 thoughts on “Let the damn Turkey have his day….

  1. Ok now I am really hungery. I cant wait to eat Thanksgiving food but its a pain in the ass to make it. And this year we are going to Dallas to cook so it wont be fun since its not in our own kitchen. Oh well 😦

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