The Double J’s…

I collect pseudo Daughters like some people collect spoons. I’m just not going to be happy until I have one from every state!

I can now cross Virginia and Michigan off my list since Jackie-May and J-Belle wormed their ways into my heart…

They started out friends of Chef Vivi’s, and now they’re just part of my Peep posse. Like us, they’re transplants to South Dakota, but unlike us I’m pretty sure they’re not staying as they’re here courtesy of the USAF. For however long I get to keep them, I’m grateful…


Jackie-May….hysterically funny, big-hearted, beautiful, crazy smart, with an inner strength I admire so much. Independent and competent, she can handle whatever life throws at her and do it with style!


J-Belle….I have never met a bigger Southern Belle in my life, and she’s from Detroit!! She channels Scarlett O’Hara and Eminem, and melds them together seamlessly. She’s warm, lovable,  and beautiful all wrapped together by a wicked sense of humor!


Both of these women jumped in, volunteered their help with Vivi’s wedding and I’m pretty sure we’d never have managed it all without them!

They make me smile, they warm my heart. I think they like me a little bit too, and not just ‘cuz I make them Angel Biscuits….

I’m keeping ’em, even after they move away…



6 thoughts on “The Double J’s…

  1. I heart these girls so much! But my face always hurts when they’re around from all the giggling…..I suppose I can live with that 😛

  2. I cannot describe how happy this just made me! I especially love that we are part of your “peep posse”. I am becoming really proud of your ghetto speak. But really, the kind words are appreciated and almost brought tears to my eyes while laughing out loud, and I am sure I can speak for Jackie when I say that we were more than happy and willing to help out with whatever we could to make the wedding become all that Vivi hoped for. We are happy to be part of this amazing fam and are lucky to have you all too! You guys give us a taste of family, when we are so far away from our own (not to mention, a taste of some seriously good food)!

  3. Aww, I love this so much. 🙂 There is nothing like being a million miles away from family, and feeling like a piece of them are just right down the road. I am so glad you adopted us and let us be apart of your clan – even when we drink a little too much, laugh way too loud, and eat all of your Sunday breakfasts! I appreciate all of y’all beyond words. Seriously, THANK YOU for everything! I am proud to be considered your Virginia daughter.


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