Things I learned in week 1…

My Peanut is a week old. Here’s what I’ve learned in my first week of Grammydom… 

  1.  I love this little girl more than I ever imagined was possible.
  2. Taking care of a newborn is like riding a bike, the knowledge all comes back when you need it.
  3. Britt’s a much calmer Mom than I had predicted. She’s just taking it all in stride, zero meltdowns!
  4. My Hubs is a complete and total marshmallow.
  5. Avery is the most beautiful baby EVER.
  6. They make much cooler stuff for babies now than 100 years ago when my babies were babies.
  7. Some stuff just can’t be improved on, a bottle is a bottle is a bottle. Some just have more parts to wash than others.
  8. I’m addicted to taking baby pictures. Cuz I needed another photography addiction….
  9. Burt’s Bee’s diaper creme is goopy. Beaudreaux’s Butt paste is nice. I still like plain ‘ol petroleum jelly….
  10. Pug is a total spaz around babies…
  11. Patch is a total sweetheart around babies, but ya gotta watch that wagging tail…
  12. I’d rather hold the Baby than anything.
  13. I can get a lot done with one hand.
  14. Being nakey is not one of Avery’s favorite things. Her Mommy was the same way at this age.
  15. It’s now recommended to give bottles at room temperature. Good to know 2 weeks after purchasing a bottle warmer…
  16. Poppa likes to make up songs to sing to her…
  17. It’s normal and ok for her to sneeze 7 times in a row. My kids never did that…
  18. It’s no longer necessary to put alcohol on their umbilical cords.
  19. They no longer give those nice sitz bath inserts to Moms when they leave the hospital, and no longer recommend epsom salts…who knew?
  20. Being a Grammy is SUPER FUN!
  21. My camera takes nice pictures without using the flash. Avery’s not a fan of flash photography.
  22. Doctors no longer believe it’s possible to spoil a newborn by holding them too much. Which works out nicely for me…
  23. My previous “what I would do if I won the lottery” list is no longer applicable. Now I’d just stay home with Babygirl.
  24. I drive much slower with Avery in the car.
  25. Noise has no affect on this baby. A marching brass band could parade thru the house and she could care less. Good Baby!

26.  She channels Captain Morgan…


3 thoughts on “Things I learned in week 1…

  1. I love everything about this post…..except for one things……I haven’t been able to experience ANY OF THIS!!!! and it’s killing me! Soon though!

  2. Dude… I’m not 100…. And you need to add one…. Mommy is very good at sharing baby when Grammy and Poppa get home from work…. just saying.

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