So apparently civility is right out the window…

Civility: a : civilized conduct; especially : courtesy, politeness b : a polite act or expression

Synonyms: amenity, attention, courtesy, formality, gesture, pleasantry, politeness

Antonyms: discourteousness, discourtesy, impoliteness, incivility, rudeness, surliness, ungraciousness

Who doesn’t love a squishy, chubchub newborn?? Who doesn’t inquire as to the health and well-being of said newborn and Mother to a co-worker returning to work after such a momentous occasion in their family??

A Sourpuss-Grumpy-Guss that’s who….

That’s ok, I like to believe in a little thing called Karma. And in certain cases, I like to believe Karma is a big ‘ol raging bitch named “Peterbilt”. You can’t run from Karma…

Fellow blogger Dani from (whom I adore) has advised me on a previous rant I had on a similar situation to “kill ’em with kindness”…Here’s the thing: I’m not that big hearted a person.  I’d like to be. But the reality is I’m just not. And I accept this about myself. I’m more of a “make a voodoo doll and stab them repeatedly” kinda girl…

So I googled it.

And got detailed instructions.

On “How to make a voodoo doll”.


So according to Wikihow, I need a couple of sticks, some string (they recommend Hemp cord or waxed thread as better than regular string as they tend to be stronger. Wouldn’t want my doll coming apart now would I??) some Spanish moss, fabric and embellishments to personalize with. And of course, PINS…Gotcha. Soooo on it!

Oh this is gonna be FUN!

“Oh I’m sorry, you have a raging headache??” Poke, poke.

“Gee, you’ve really been having a lot of stomach and butt pains lately (welcome to my world, you’ve been causing pains in my butt for forever). Poor thing”  Stab, stab.

See? I’m civil….I inquire about folks health…

“My oh my, you’ve really lost a lot of hair recently, tsk tsk”  Tug, tug. Yank, yank.

“Maybe you have Sciatica…”

“Wow, look at your eye twitch!”



9 thoughts on “So apparently civility is right out the window…

  1. I found your blog a few days ago and I think your so damn funny. I hate people just as much as you and if i could have a voodoo doll that would be so great.
    If your even in the San Francisco area lets get together for drinks and make dolls.
    Thanks for making me laugh!!!

  2. would just like to add, Momma doesn’t hate all peoplke, just the nasty unpleasant ones. Don’t be nasty or unpleasant and ya won’t have a problem with momma. In general she’s an easy going gal that gets along with most everybody she meets. love ya momma!

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