A discussion on childbirth….

Ha! I found this in my drafts, its from like 4 days before Avery was born, I think I had planned to post it on 11/3, but since thats the day she decided to arrive, it never happened! Still funny, especially in retrospect!


This was a thread on facebook this week concerning our reluctant-to-leave-her-Mommy’s-tummy Baby Avery!

Britt: Still nothing…

Me: At this point I want you to wait til Friday. Cuz Loren’s gone Thurs/Fri for a funeral so waiting til at least noon on friday would be very convenient for me. Thanks for playing….

Britt: 10-4 roger that

Me: Your cooperation is appreciated!

Britt:  I will do my part… But I cannot speak for the child…

Me: If you’d ever come home, My Grandaughter and I will have a little chat….Grammy can be very persuasive.

J-Belle:  i voted for the 3rd…and i always get what i want. (actually, i never do lol, so she probably wont come that day)

Me: Jess that was eloquently undecisive of you!

Chef Vivi:  you didn’t chug that bottle of hot sauce did you…

Britt:  Noooo… And as you can see now I can’t till friday… Momma says… I did however eat some spicy pickles the other night.. Didn’t help

Chef Vivi: NOT SPICY ENOUGH!!!!…..you never listen to me 😛

Britt: Dude they almost melted my face!! Last monday when we left the hospital we went to mongolian grill and I put that saracha sauce on my noodles.. In honor of you

Chef Vivi: Hahaha…atta girl 😛 Try jumping up and down…..

Britt: Right…. Becuz maybe she’ll just fall out..

Chef Vivi: Exactly!!!…it’s called gravity britt…duh

Britt: Ohhhhh!!! So you’re saying I shouldn’t be standing on my head… My bad

Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! “maybe she’ll just fall out”….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *gasp*…..”gravity, duh”……HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! *snort*

Chef Vivi:  What??? I’m completely serious…..

Britt: K.. I’m gonna remind you of this when its your turn to have chub chubs!!

Chef Vivi:  I’m glad we could amuse you Mama!!! And Brittany you won’t have to remind me cuz clearly I know all of this already…..duh….again

Britt:  My bad

Chef Vivi:  I’m glad we understand each other 😛

Britt:  I’m telling y’all she’s gonna be Poppas Girl.. So therefore she won’t be coming till friday

Chef Vivi: yea she is…… she knows…

Sisters…..The verbal exhanges never cease to amaze me and make me giggle!



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