The many faces of Avery…

I stare at this baby constantly…when she sleeps, when she’s awake, doesn’t matter! She has the most expressive little face….

She makes the cutest faces when she’s asleep…









Big stretch…

This is her hungry face, I think she’s dreaming about eating….I do that too.

This is her “I don’t wanna wake up!” face… Her Momma makes the same face…









Auntie Vivi would call this “Squishy Baby” face…









“Really Grammy?? With the camera?? I’m sleeeeeeeping…”  









 “Ohhhhh fine…..I’m awake…”









This looked like sass to me….









I think she’s getting used to the *snap, snapp, snappy snap*…although I still leave the flash off…









This looks like more sass….possibly combined with shenanigans…


















Oh I think not! That’s a smile!









Her “I meanz bizness”  face.  Grrrrrr….









This is her papparazzi face…”no pictures please”…









We done Grammy? I sleepy again…”



Yes, Babygirl…just one more…









‘Cuz I love your feet too!

It’s good to be the Grammy!



2 thoughts on “The many faces of Avery…

  1. Ha! I love this whole post!!!! Especially “squishy face” because that’s exactly what I would call it!!! And sassy face, it’s fully appropriate cuz she is after all a girl in THIS family 😛

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