My Mom was the glue that held our family together….She’s been gone almost 13 years, and until Chef Vivi’s wedding I hadn’t seen my big brother in about 10. I love him, and I know he loves me, we’re just really bad at corresponding. We don’t call, we never write….literally.

But here’s the thing: totally doesn’t matter.

 Because he’s my Bubba….and I love him now just as much as I did when I was 4 and he bought me a red/black cowgirl outfit, complete with pistols! Trust me, I loved him a lot that day….

 This is his wife. Did I mention she was with me in the delivery room when Chef Vivi was born?? She was. She cried right along with me when Vivi popped out and they told us “it’s a girl!” ‘cuz a baby girl was what we were hoping for! She was the first person to hold my brand new Daughter….I love her as much now as I did that day.

Meet the new Family Glue….

 Dani-Bug… Great-Niece and the first Great-Grandchild. I have absolutely no doubt she is the reason my hermit brother left his mountain and traveled 900 miles (one way) for Viv’s wedding! Dani is sweetly, persistently persuasive! I adore her…

Dani and her Mom, who was the first Grandchild…I was like 13 when she came along so she was my own personal dress-up baby until the other Grandkids arrived to rescue her by giving me more than one victim to play with!

 My nephew….see that smile?? That’s the smile that conned me into doing anything he asked when he was little….Big blue eyes, curly blonde hair and that smile, I was putty….That’s his wife who I had never met, I heart her….

 My Great-nephew, who was a tiny baby at my own wedding and I haven’t seen since….he was shy and just seemed to be taking all the shenanigans in. Probably plotting some of his own….:)

 Dani’s baby brother, who was blonde the last time I saw him! My girls called him Bubby when he was little…..still do, just not so he can hear!

 Meeting my family all over again was heart wrenching. I was flooded with all these memories and emotions that I hadn’t acknowledged in years…and the realization of just how much I’ve missed them hit me between the eyes like a well placed swing of a baseball bat….

Never again will I lose them. Dani-Bug will make sure of that. Even when I’m swamped with life and too lazy to pick up the phone ‘cuz I just don’t have time right now, I’ll call ’em this weekend, I have no doubt she’ll call me on my laziness…

She texted me the other day and said “I’ve been thinking I’m gonna come stay with you for a while this summer, plan accordingly”….to which I replied “YAY!”

I totally heart the New Glue….


4 thoughts on “Reconnecting….

  1. It IS hard to stay in touch in today’s fast-paced and widespread life. My brothers and sister all live in different states. One sister-in-law lives clear across the country from us. We have two daughters who live within half an hour of us – one of whom is our family glue. The other three daughters are split between 2 states and our son is in a third state. Only one of our eight grandkids lives nearby : ( So I totally get this! Good luck keeping in touch!

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