Rude is the new cool?

When did it become ok to stop teaching common courtesy and manners to children? I am not a fan of this trend…..

I had probably 40 trick or treaters last night, only about half actually uttered the phrase “trick or treat”, only about 1 in 4 said “thank you”.  And a very large number of them didn’t even bother to dress up. I get not being able to afford a costume, but there are so many things you can do to be festive that don’t require spending any money. For crying out loud, Bambi dressed like a “Black-Eyed Pea” when she brought Kolton to see me by rubbing some mascara around one eye and putting a big P on a black shirt with DUCT TAPE! It’s called being creative.

I’ve always taken issue with kids past the age of about 13 or 14 trick or treating anyway. I actually quoted the  “if you’re as tall as me you’re too old to be out here” rule to a couple of young men who promptly squatted down and looked up at me sweetly. It made me giggle so they got candy anyway just for amusing me! And they said “thank you!”

If you need a shave, you're too old to beg me for candy!

I was the Mom who actually escorted my festively attired little beggars as they went door to door, grilling them incessantly with “Did you say thank you??? Did you?? Did you???” as they walked back down the sidewalk to where I waited, much to their embarrassment. Tough. Humiliation builds character….you’re welcome my darling Daughters!

PS. I never bought my kids a costume, in their whole lives. We made ours, and I don’t sew. A glue gun is a wonderous thing….

Next year I swear, if I don’t hear “trick or treat!” when I open the door I’m just going to stand there with my bowl of candy, tapping my foot with an expectant look on my face until they comply. I’m also going to prompt them with “what do you say???” if they don’t say THANK YOU as the candy drops into their buckets…

This face will not get you candy...!

I may start having 2 bowls of candy, one full of the good stuff, and the other with those god-awful orange and black paper wrapped things that nobody eats….You act appropriately you get bowl #1, you act all rude it’s the candy from 1978 for you. ‘Cuz I’m sorry, it’s no fun for me when you just stand there mute, with a surly expression on your face, bag open, without a shred of common courtesy. I’m not obligated to give you candy Kid, I do it cuz it’s fun. I’m gonna need you to stop messing with my fun!

See? Sweet happy little cherubs, they get the good stuff!

A few manners, a little appreciation, and happy faces…is that too much to ask??

I don’t think so….

What kind of trick or treaters did you get?



6 thoughts on “Rude is the new cool?

  1. Excellent idea on the separate candy bowls! We live in a senior mobile home community and didn’t get any trick or treaters at our door; they’re all directed to the clubhouse where the activity club hands out candy donated by the park residents. We were going to join them but I had had 2 MRIs and a doctor appointment earlier in the day and felt lousy. As for creative costumes, MSN posted an article a couple of days before Halloween on last minute DIY costumes that rocked. Like your Black-eyed P costume. One was a tee shirt with the word ceiling written across the front in tape. The wearer carried pom poms and was a CEILING FAN! LOL! And a really easy one? Carry an empty frame and hold it in front of your face when someone asks what you are. “I’m a self portrait.” : )

  2. Perhaps I am the biggest sucker on the block, but I don’t care how I get em, I take all trick or treaters! Old, young, costumed or not! It seems to be one of the last “haunts” of childhood, at a time when childhood has all but disappeared! My granddaughter, age 18, still goes and takes with her the entire assortment of neighborhood kids who paddle behind her like little ducklings! She is now in college, dressed up with several friends in tow, who possesses a child’s heart, which I for one, hopes she always retains! (She is adored by all who know her, kids from the age of 1 day to 99 years!) I wish they all said trick or treat….I wish they all said thank you! However, watching their faces turn to glee when they see those full size candy bars was all the thanks I need for now! I do understand what you mean…..and I agree with you…..but something happens to me for this one night of the year! (P.S. I do PW too!) Peaceful blessings! Nanny

  3. Hi Lori,
    Stopping by your post from Bloggy Moms and following you now. So funny! We were just talking about the same thing. I had 2 that stopped, a little girl and a young woman that could have been her older sister or mother, it was kind of hard to tell. After giving the little girl candy, the older one cupped her hands and smiled like me too? No costume or bag and no asking. Thought maybe it was for a little one to afraid to come to the door?? That’s what I chose to believe anyway. I too am the mom that constantly said, “Are you even saying Trick or Treat? Did you say “thank you”? so I feel your pain. Great post!

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