And then we went nuts

Flowers perfect, check. Cupcakes arranged perfectly, check. Reception hall decorated to within an inch of it’s life, check. Bride looking all gorgeous, CHECK…..Stress gone, big fat honkin’ check!!!

Nothin’ to do now but eat, drink, visit with some fine people….AND DANCE!

 And drink! JackieMay knows….

I promise this is the only sappy picture in this post…but…awwwwwwwwe!


Master Chief Petty Officer of the House….

 Poker Face…

 I have no words….I’m just so dang proud of the Neph….

 Drunk, happy girls make me smile!

 Because she can? Yes!

 Where’s Thor??? That’s all I want to know….

 Happy drunk boys are pretty cute too….

 “Everybody dance now!” 



 See? This is why I love her, she has the best ideas!

Now Mr. & Mrs. Murray are happily settling in back home in Washington, patiently waiting for Vivi’s school quarter to be over so they can take their honeymoon to N’Awwlins. The last house guest left yesterday (which actually made me sad, ‘cuz I love that Nephew of ours), and Hubs and I have the house to ourselves again. It was so friggin’ quiet when we got home from work last night, it was wierd!

I’m not sure I know how to handle peace and quiet and calmness anymore. I think Peanut needs to quit teasing us with this “labor?” “no labor” thing and come on, Grammy’s getting bored!



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