And then they offered me tequila for breakfast…

Wedding Hoopla Day 4 (THE BIG DAY!)

You know it’s gonna be a good wedding day when you DON’T wake up with a mongo karbunkle on your face….

I was stressed as hell, I ain’t even going to try and lie about it. I had a lot of decorating to do and for the first hour, a very uncooperative venue location to do it in. No one knew where the boxes were that had all the stuff I needed in it as the kids brought those up the night before, the GM was totally snarky to me until Red stepped in, rescued me and a staff assistant magically appeared to be at my beck and call….This is why I love her, she takes no prisoners and gets shit done!

When a complete stranger offers to get you a shot of tequila at 9 in the morning, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re stressing…..

Spearfish Canyon Lodge is a beautiful place. It’s why we chose it as our Wedding location. The wait staff, particularly a young woman named Dawn who saved my sanity by helping me, was a delight. The Management was a totally different story. If you enjoy being made to feel unimportant and inconsequential on a day when your nerves and emotions are at meltdown level, then that’s the place for you. If you’d rather be treated with courtesy and respect by the folks you’ve spent a kajillion dollars of your hard earned money with, ya know, as if they actually cared about being helpful and making your special day nice, then stear clear of that place.

After much nagging on our part to Management about how ludicrous it was for them to not let the wedding party check in before 3:00 pm, we finally got into our rooms about 12:30, and were grateful to be able to spread out and stop feeling cramped up, since the Bride, Maid of Honor, flower girl and ring bearer were all stuck in one room trying to get ready. As we were supposed to start pictures at 11:30 it was too late to really be helpful. Most of us, myself included, had already given up and changed clothes and did our hair in makeup in the public bathrooms. That was joyful….

 And enough about those jerks….


I worked on this earlier this morning and stopped to edit pictures. I had every intention of writing lots of fun descriptions but…..

BRITT’S IN LABOR!!!!!!!! As of this moment we have been holding at 6 minutes apart for the last hour, but the last contraction was only 5 minutes apart so we’ll be heading to the hospital shortly….Send us happy thoughts…

Here’s pics from getting ready for the Nuptuals!





Here she comes!!!!

Maybe tomorrow I can post Bride/Groom/Grandbaby pics!!




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