And then I poked the bear…

Does anybody (besides me) have people in their work, home, school environment that they just get tired of tiptoeing around to avoid getting growled at? Because if you get them wound up you never hear the end of it?? Don’t you sometimes want to throw your hands up and say “Screw the Bear, I’m poking that sucker”? Me too…

Go ahead, Poke me!

Do unto others. Paying it forward. What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. These are all figures of speech that represent the same sentiment: Every action has consequences.

I think the point to each of these phrases is that feelings, attitudes and actions are contagious. Personally, no matter what my mood is I will always return the smile of someone who smiles and extends a friendly greeting, it gives me a little warm fuzzy feeling and so I smile a little bigger at the next person I greet as well. Likewise, I don’t acknowledge the person who doesn’t acknowledge me. Paying it forward.

Ditto for the tone of voice used. If someone speaks to me in a brusque manner with a hateful or condescending tone, it doesn’t really matter what they‘re saying, I’m not going to respond well…You reap what you sow.  

I’ve said it before and at the risk of being redundant I’ll say it again: Be nice, pleasant and  cheerful to people and that’s what you’ll get in return! At the very least, be frikkin courteous!  Because here’s the thing, when people are perpetually bitchy no one, and I mean NO ONE is going to want to spend time listening to them be loud, whiny and generally obnoxious unless they are legally required to do so. What goes around comes around….

So the moral of this story is this: If a person always scowls they may never receive a smile. Just once, I wish these people would try smiling at the people around them, as opposed to being the Bear everyone tries to avoid poking….They just might be surprised how much less miserable their own lives will be when they try spreading a few little positive vibes instead of the negative ones. Do unto others…

Take a happy pill or something, there’s no shame in it. WE’LL BUY!



2 thoughts on “And then I poked the bear…

  1. I’m going to say that 99.99999% of the time I am polite, friendly, courteous, civil, non-combative, non-confrontational… And my idea of “poking the bear” is being so in-your-face NICE and completely oblivious to the attitude of miserable people that I eventually wear them down and they are FORCED to be nice to me, Or at least put up with me. Because I will not stop until they either love me forever or despise me to the point where they avoid me like the plague.
    It’s kind of what I did to my ex-husband during the divorce. And the woman he cheated on me with and is now married to. They wanted SOOOOoooo desperately to hate me and I just wouldn’t have it. I killed them with kindness until they looked like total douche-canoes.

    We won’t discuss the 1% of the time that I not only poke the bear, I AM the bear.

    It’s better not to.


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