Damn you Blinking Cursor…

My cursor is mocking me, I have writers block. I think…Running out of things to say has never EVER been an issue before so I’m not sure of the signs of writers block but I definitely think this is it….




I got nuthin’…

I know I forewarned ya’ll about slowing down on the blogging til after Wedding/Baby stuff has settled down but I totally meant to at least deliver a few posts with some measure of meaningful dialogue….but….

Still. Nuthin’…




So what does one do to cure writers block?? Anybody??


I’m gonna Google it…


Ok so here’s what this website suggested:

1. Browse the web for inspiration. So does that mean copy/paste from someone else’s blog? Cause I am totally on board with that…

2. Take a break. And by break, you mean nap?? I’m a fan…

3. Explore new subjects. Now gee, if I had subjects in mind I wouldn’t have writer’s block would I??  Call me crazy…

4. Go back to the basics and use pen and paper. Really??? ‘Cause adding writers CRAMP to my writer’s BLOCK is going to help out. Epic suggestion…

5. Word association. They suggest starting with the word salad and see where it goes. This could be helpful if I wanted to post about vegetables….not sure how I feel about that.

6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, go back to an old post you’ve written and expand on it. This actually would be helpful if my blog was older than 3 months, but all my posts are still too fresh in ya’lls mind so pretty sure you’d throw the B.S. flag on that one at this point

7. Opt for lists. Ha! On it….

8. Lower your expectations. I’m blogging about writer’s block whilst suffering from writer’s block. Pretty sure my expectations are nil…

9. Eat a snack. I’m liking where they’re going with this. Mini Reese’s cups are brain food…

10. Draw a picture. I have no response to that….there is not an original thought in my head right now, but sure, let me doodle….that’ll help.

There’s an additional  26 equally helpful suggestions on the website I consulted. I think it’s safe to say that the author of these nuggets of wisdom was suffering a similar problem…

Take that, mocking little blinking BLINKER, 400 words with no point to them whatsoever!!! A whole post about absofrigginlutely nothing! Nah nah nee boo boo!

Happy Monday, send ideas if you have any!


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