Thankful the WEDDING DAY is almost here!

A week from today all the festivities and commotion will be over, we’ll be packing up decorations and fancy clothes, shuttling people to the airport and exhaling a deep sigh of relief!

Chef Vivi arrived late last night, Captain America and the Best Man will be here Tuesday, and on Wednesday the guests start trickling in. My fridge is stocked with the fixin’s for feeding the masses  and brewing gallons of sweet tea during the next week….My kitchen is gonna get a workout!

I won’t manage a new post every day for the next week for sure, and if Avery decides to make her arrival on time, not for a couple of weeks after that! I think I may be able to squeeze one in every couple of days or so….I’m definitely going to share a couple of the recipes I’ll be making that will feed a crowd without A) breaking the bank, and B) not take a lot of prep time!

I hope ya’ll bare with me, and don’t forget that Grammy loves ya!!

Have a joyous day!



3 thoughts on “Thankful the WEDDING DAY is almost here!

  1. Looking forward to the recipes. I’m throwing a surprise birthday party for my husband and we’ll be potlucking it this time but it would be nice to have those for the future : ) Hope the wedding goes smoothly (our daughter was just married on October 1, so I know the stress involved). Soon you’ll be able to breathe again.

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