An open letter to CitiMortgage…

Listen you greedy Bastards, if you think I’m going to pay you an extra 10 dollars every month when I make my payment online you must seriously be outside your mind.

Penalizing me for making my payments on time and paperless, really??? Are you so desperate to make an extra buck? Maybe you should consider cutting the salary of your  fatcat CEO’s as I can guaran-effing-tee they make about a kajillion dollars a year more than I do, I have no doubt they tip their favorite strippers more than I make in a week…

Correct me if I’m wrong (which you can’t becaue I’m totally right and you know it) but didn’t the Fed have to bail your asses out to the tune of about 300 Billion Dollars in 2009?? And aren’t I, as a taxpayer, repaying them with my tax dollars for your pitiful inability to manage your own finances in a responsible manner???

I’m pretty sure I’m doing my part to line your already over-stuffed pockets so get your damn hand out of mine. It’s empty. Why? Because all my money goes toward paying my bills and meeting my financial obligations as I agreed to. You should try it.

 According to this article on, more and more people are choosing to refinance their existing home in lieu of purchasing a new one in this time of near-record-low-borrowing costs. Maybe you should think about that, Mr. CEO Sanjiv Das, before you start pissing off the customers you do have. I HAVE OPTIONS, dumbass.

So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m going to focus on keeping my local Postal carrier employed by mailing my payment in every month. Because God forbid I help the dang environment by going “green”. For the $10 you want to charge me per month, I can mail my payment in every month for almost 2 years. And instead of getting my money in minutes you can wait several days….TAKE THAT! Hmmmmmph.

So as I sit here with my arms defiantly crossed, my mouth set in a grim line, I feel so much better having spoken my mind and made a completely futile gesture of retaliation……Wait……..

…..nope still pissed….




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