Random tidbits of……random*ness*?? Whatever…

* I was curious so I weighed my purse. Sucker weighs 14 lbs. 14 POUNDS! Since the Jerry McGuire kid explained to us that the human head weighs 8 lbs, that means I could be walking around with a head and a half in there. Think about it….

* Did you know coca-cola was originally green? I just read that….

* I got home from work the other night and went into my bedroom to change out of my work clothes and went “wtf” ’cause half the bed was made and half was not. So I asked Hubs who had the day off and was home all day, “did you take a nap today?” He says “nope”….which means apparently I saw something shiney halfway through  making the bed that morning….

* Ever get up to go into the other room to do a specific task and then forget what the heck you were going to do by the time you get in there?? Yeahhhhhh….I was just checking, that NEVER happens to me…

* I’m fairly sure I am going to end up on YouTube. One of the many ornery guys I work with has this habit of dropping random things like staplers, tape dispensers, or handfuls of paperclips, etc into my purse whenever I’m dumb enough to leave it unattended. I thought I would retaliate today by filling his empty lunch box with nuts, bolts, a DVD marked “naked pictures of your wife” someone found in a laptop dropped off for repair,  and various other leftover computer parts while he was out of the office. I had a “lookout” posted…epic fail. The lookout yelled “he’s coming” as he walked in the door, I shrieked and ran with his lunch box full of crap right past him making what I’m told were noises resembling the sound a mouse makes when you step on it (this comparison came from rotten boys, I’ll have to take their word for it as I personally have never stepped on a mouse so I have no basis for comparison). Anyhoo…I got busted…and then got to watch myself running forward and backward repeatedly as they played the footage from the security camera. If you see a clip on YouTube featuring a shrieking woman in a pink hoodie running around an office, that’s me. Enjoy…

* One of my few female coworkers said to me in passing, “my pants are hot”, but what I heard was “my ass is hot” to which I replied “excuse me??” She repeated herself, and that time I heard “his ass is hot” just as one of the boys walked by. To which I replied “why yes it is”. To which she replied “huh??” To which I replied “I agree, Justin’s ass is hot” at which point she shook her head and walked away. And that’s how rumors get started…

*sigh* It’s been one of those weeks…



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