In the trenches….

As gainfully employed, productive members of society we spend more waking hours with our co-workers than with our families….depressing aye??

I personally enjoy my family so this seems really outta whack to me. Those of you who don’t like your families probably consider it a blessing to spend so much time away from them but maybe you’d rather spend more of your time with friends, or pursuing some higher calling, like perfecting your golf swing or teaching yourself origami…

Maybe the issue is that so many of us aren’t completely in love with our jobs. I’ve never had a job that I just couldn’t wait to get to every morning. I’ve had jobs I certainly liked better than others but never one that I wouldn’t willingly give up given the opportunity. I think most people feel that way, our jobs are just a means to an end, nothing more.

Generally, I’m satisfied with my current job. Are there things (or people) I would change at work if I could? Absofrigginlutely…which brings me to my point; spending so much time doing something you don’t love surrounded by people you’re not a fan of just sucks…sorry but that’s my feelings on the subject…

Just so you know, I’m not offering any solutions to this delima, because short of winning the lottery or changing lifestyles so drastically as to not need the income, I got nuthin’ in the way of a resolution…I’m just whining.

So what’s a working class Grammy to do??? Anybody??

So we slog our way through our 9-5’s, literally working for the weekends which go by ridiculously fast. And is it just me, or is there never enough time on the weekends to take care of all the stuff you put off all week?? Important things like finishing a book  knocking down the cobwebs in the corners or having a “Weeds” marathon on the couch getting all the laundry done…

I used to think the Italian tradition of a daily riposo was the way to go, but honestly if I was allowed to go home for 3 hours in the middle of the day my co-workers would never see me again, or if I did manage to drag myself back to work I would be completely useless…Hubs and I used to work in the transporation industry and our schedule was 4 days on, 4 days off. That was perfect…haven’t been able to find that kind of gig since we were both layed off from that job…

And yes, I do realize how lucky I am to have a job at all, especially one that pays fairly well. I’m not ungrateful. I’ve been unemployed against my will. My heart goes out to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and have been unable to replace those jobs. I briefly considered early retirement a few months ago, but here’s the thing: giving up a perfectly good job for no reason in this economy scares the beegeezuss out of me ok?? 

 But dammit, it’s my Blog and I can cry if I want to….

 There have been alot of studies on the subject and it seems the consencsus is that American’s work longer hours on average with less benefits like vacation time, maternity/paternity leave and sick days than just about any other industrialized nation. Awesome. I am proud to be an American for many many reasons but this is one time when I wish we’d take a cue from other countries, ’cause this working more for less stuff is some B.S…..

 What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss it….



2 thoughts on “In the trenches….

  1. I can completely relate! I’m lucky in my work life in that I really like the people I work directly with as well as the other secretaries in the practice group. I’ve been with the firm more than 13 years and my job is pretty secure thank goodness. However, in spite of that we still lost the farm and now live in a senior mobile home community (5 acres, 3 floors and a barn to a double wide with a storage shed – sigh). Times ARE tough but it is perfectly okay to whine about it now and then! I try really hard to remember to count my blessings too though : )

    • I count my blessings every day, sometimes you just have one of those work weeks ya know?? I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, these last few years have been difficult for so many good people…

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