Countin’ the days to Avery


Our lil’ Peanut could get here any day now, at 37 weeks she’s considered full term. I read a little factoid yesterday that said 95% of all births occur 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the official due date….Her due date is October 31st.

I ain’t even gonna lie, Grammy is scared shitless. There….I’ve said it. I feel ill prepared….

I’m completely ready to be The Grammy, to welcome her and completely surrender myself to worshipping at her teensy little chubby feet. It’s the getting her here that has my stomach in knots.

I’ve given birth twice, both times completely naturally. I know how all that works. However I’ve never been on this side of the birthing table….I honestly think I prefer being with the one with her legs in the stirrups, at least then I knew what my job was…Grunt. Push. Holler. splloooosh splopppp…BABY!  My role was clearly defined. Now?? Not so much…

My Mom drove me nuts when I was in labor…the fussing, the “oh my poor baby-s”,  the fretting, the wringing of hands….nobody needs that when they’re trying to expel another human from their body. I had to make my poor Brother wrangle her out into the waiting room and hold her down in there til it was over.  I don’t want to be that Mom…

Britt wants me in the delivery room with her. So do I hold her hand, not hold her hand?? Watch what’s going on down there or focus on her head?? Coach? Cheer? How much is too much? How much is not enough?? She’s not going to know what she needs, she’s a rookie. I’m supposed to be the experienced one! Do I go all Shirley MacLain from “Terms of Endearment” on the staff’s asses or let them do their job?? Who knows best, me or them?? Auuuughhhhhhh!

Help me.

And what if, God forbid, there are complications? Stay with my child, or stay with her child?? Who needs me more, the Momma or the Baby??

I need a friggin’ manual. Seriously. Does anybody know of one??

I googled ways to be supportive in the labor/delivery room (all aimed at the Dad to be) and my “Grammy” hospital bag is packed with the recommended items and already in the truck…I was thrilled *insert eye roll* to read one thing recommended repeatedly; “don’t let your Mother-in-law in the room”….that crap better not apply to Mama’s too! I was invited dammit…I reckon I’m as ready as I can be…

I hate feeling helpless.



8 thoughts on “Countin’ the days to Avery

  1. Hi Lori, another Lori here. I was honored to be present at the birth of two of my grandbabies. Both times the daddy was also there and for Noah, our youngest two sets of grandparents and the daddy’s mama were all there. We were mostly there for moral support throughout the labor though some of us stayed in the room for the actual delivery (Anna wanted the males who were not married to her to exit which they did graciously, though they hovered in the hallway, irking the hospital staff a bit). We did everything from fetch ice chips to massage her back to pray. Even down to yelling at her when it came time to push and she was struggling with fatigue. It was either push or perhaps have a C-section in her case so we yelled to encourage her to continue. My advice? Play it by ear. Being there where she can see you and hear you is the important part. Definitely hold her hand, wipe her brow, hug her. She’ll most likely let you know what she needs from you beyond that. And prepare to be awed beyond your wildest dreams! I’ll be praying for an easy delivery and a safe birth. Blessings!

    • Oh Lori Thank you so much!!! I’m nervous as a cat but hearing from another Grandma who’s been there, done that and lived to tell the tale is comforting, so thank you THANK YOU for taking the time to respond to my plea for reassurance!

  2. you;’re gonna be fine!!! And if all else fails you can use Dan’s idea of texting her encouragment from the waiting room….”Go Britty Go! :)”……the phone’s pretty much attached to her hand all the time anyway…

  3. Lori, you will be great….loving and supporting and all your daughter and granddaughter will need. I agree with the suggestion to pray too, God is about to give your family an amazing blessing. I am sooo excited for you. You will be a fantastic Grammy!


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