This post is not about witchcraft…

We have been crafting like fiends as the big day approaches….we’re totally not casting spells to make anyone’s hair fall out in the shower, we’re not doing The Craft kind of crafting….It’s more like we’re channeling Martha Stewart but not in a going-to-jail-yet-still-totally-pretentious kind of way…

I’m talking WEDDING CRAFTS!!! Wedding, wedding, wedding…..and some more wedding. We rock the DIY wedding craftiness….

Here’s a sampling of our crazy mad skills:

No, we are not for hire….Thanks for the offer, but NO! Nuh uh. No way, no how….

Vivi hand-painted this aisle runner. It is gorgeous!


Vivi and Dan  wanted to included handfasting as part of their ceremony, I made the handfast cord…


I love this antiqued birdcage as a card holder! So unique!


Both of us, along with Britt worked on embossing these mugs as favors for the guests, talk about a labor of love! Viv hand stamped the thank you notes on them too…Oy…


These are the programs I designed and put together…Britt had to format them for me as I am fully Windows Office challenged… 

 Britt also made door hangers for the everyone spending the night at the Lodge after the wedding! I like truth in advertising…


And the canvas shopping bags we’re filling with goodies for the guests traveling from out of state, which is almost all of them!


Vivi made this centerpiece for the “kid” table, along with coloring/activity books she designed herself…



I made the cupcake stands out of old enamelware trays and canning jars..



These are the hand stamped muslin “rice” bags, filled with lavender rice!



Vivi made these individual tissue packets! How sweet are they??



She also decorated these vases to hold the bridal bouquets…


Here’s the thing that really gets me about my Kid: if you’d ask me a year ago if I’d call her a crafty type, I’d have said “only with a camera in her hand”…and then she got engaged, started planning her wedding and BOOM! She morphed into this incredibly handy, crafty, talented, imaginative creature! Who knew??

Oh, and almost forgot these, which will hang on the backs of the Bride and Groom’s chairs at the reception….(like she was afraid we wouldn’t save them a seat!)

 Now we’re just wrapping up little loose ends, a few ribbons, tulle and raffia to tie on baskets and such. The big day is just 2 weeks away….

And then my Babygirl will be a Mrs….I don’t know what the rest of the guests will use, as I have no doubt I will use up every single one of those cute little tissue packets all by myself…*sob*



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