I totally cheated on Henry VIII

Henry VIII and I have finally parted ways….he to roam the halls of Whitehall Palace, and me to catch up on what Anita Blake and her posse have been up to..

I cheated on Henry once in the 3 months I was with him. I bought and read A Stolen Life  by Jaycee Dugard. It took me 4 days to finish. I was horrified, shocked, infuriated and scared shitless…all at the same time. There’s a part of me, the paranoid part that wishes I hadn’t read it. There’s another part, the Mama Bear part that just wants to hug Jaycee and bake her cookies, and then follow her around and kick ass if anybody messes with her.

I enjoyed my time with Henry, but I have to admit I’m happy to see him go. He could get quite bogged down in details and he’s a bit self-absorbed…I highly recommend The Autobiography of Henry VIII if you’re into Elizabethan History, it was an interesting, entertaining, factual book. Be prepared to dedicate a chunk of your life to it’s 1119 page glory…

Before starting this book if I had been asked what kind of man I thought Henry to be, I would have answered “a huge, oversexed tyrant with terrible table manners who had eight wives, killed some of them and died of syphilis”….I would have been wrong. What I learned in the time spent getting to know him was that Henry was a romantic, he dreamed of true love, wanting so badly to see it in places it didn’t exist. As a boy he never wanted to be King, but rather he wanted to write music, poetry and join the Monastery. When he found himself suddenly on the Throne, he did the best he knew how having had no teaching on how to run a country from his Father.

Henry didn’t always do the right thing, he was misguided and easily influenced by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. In his heart though, was always the desire to make his people proud of their King.

Poor Henry died from heart and kidney failure,  obese and suffering from dementia. He died lonely….

I felt really, really bad for cheating on him…




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